Policy overview 

  • Superpowers Liability – if you invade someone’s privacy with your x-ray vision, accidentally laser their carpet or fly into their greenhouse, we’ll cover you for compensation claims and legal expenses.
  • Super Weapons Cover – we’ve all been there. Your light sabre doesn’t deploy just as an alien’s bearing down on you, or your man-size spider web leaves you stranded on a roof. We’ll repair it or give you new for new replacement*.
  • Final Showdown Cover – jokers, penguins, women in leather outfits and hooded skeletons turn up when you least expect them. Cover extends to gooey slime damage, falls into bubbling vats, laser beam eye fatigue and evil metal claw scratches.


"Would recommend to a friend. Alas, as a supervillian, I have none." Grey Goblin.


Optional extras

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Terms and conditions

*If forged out of the fires new or imported from another dimension within the last six months.

**Uncontrolled rages where you turn green and tear your clothing yourself are excluded under this policy.

***As long as you don’t do anything stupid to reveal your identity like getting too close to a human in an ill-fated romance or letting someone tear your eye-mask off.

© Photo: This is a derivative of “The superhero in me is tired”  by Rosie Hardy.