From expert workshops and assessments to health coaching with physiologists, we’ll make it easy for you to support your employees on their journey to healthy habits. Together, we’ll create a shared wellbeing ambition for your business - be that big or small, short or long-term.

Bringing wellbeing to life

Your business is as unique as your people. That’s why we take time to understand your organisation and work with you to create strategies that drive an ever-improving wellbeing cycle.

Wellbeing means ensuring your team bring their ‘best selves’ to work, every day. We do that by helping people across the Five Drivers of Wellbeing: Fitness, Nutrition, Mindset, Lifestyle and Health.

Powering a positive shift

Refocusing on employee health can be a challenge for any business. Find out how we helped construction firm Saint-Gobain, with 17,500 people, drive real change in their organisation.

Wellbeing at the heart of your organisation

Our wellbeing services will keep your workforce fit, well and fired up about staying healthy.

Workplace health assessments

Our flexible health assessments help people take control and start positively along the path to better health, making the tasks they face more manageable along the way.

Wellbeing workshops and seminars

Our seminars and workshops are designed to help build awareness and through education help employees become the best version of themselves.

Wellbeing training

Choose from our range of sessions including our Health Champions course or any of our Mental Health First Aid accredited training.

Wellbeing events

Whether you’re launching a new wellness initiative, kickstarting a wellbeing week or encouraging your employees to take charge of their health, choose from our wellbeing events.

Your 24/7 mental wellbeing app

It’s important to keep physically active and eat healthily. But sometimes we neglect our mental health. The Thrive app helps your people boost their mental wellbeing, manage their mood and build resilience.

Health coaching

Our Health Coaching service is especially designed for those who’ve had health risks identified but who still need a little extra motivation to make positive lifestyle changes. 

“AXA Health offered a truly fresh approach to tackling and supporting employee health. Through a tailored, proactive health programme, managed and delivered via an onsite wellbeing manager, we’ve seen a positive shift in culture, engagement, and measureable health outcomes since launch in 2015.”

Karen Goodwin, Rewards and Benefits Manager, Volkswagen Financial Services

Other ways we can help

Fast GP access for your teams

Our 24/7 online GP service makes it easy for your employees to fit an appointment around home and work commitments.

Managing employee absence

Long-term absence can be upsetting and potentially awkward to discuss. We’ll help you to manage it effectively and develop a ‘return to work’ strategy.

Treatment options for the uninsured

An afforable, fast and targeted way for you to help employees who don't have access to private healthcare cover return to work quickly.                                                                                                 

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