Helping our team to share

Our aim is to make looking after each other a key part of working at AXA

It’s important to us that we not only support out customers, but our employees too. That’s why we’re committed to support each and every member of staff finding life difficult, in or out of the office. We aim to be a place to share and find that support we all need from time to time, because we know a happy workplace isn’t only good for business, it’s good for everyone.

One of our Mental Health First Aiders speaks out

Mental Health First Aiders act as an emergency point of contact for any employee who is experiencing a mental health issue or is in emotional distress. Based at multiple sites across the country, each one is fully trained and armed with advice to facilitate support mechanisms, self-help strategies as well as wider health and wellbeing activities. And because we know it can be hard to reach out, they’re trained to spot when something isn’t quite right and every conversation is of course confidential.

How Andy helped break the silence

Say hello to Andy. Andy’s not just an integral part of our social media team and a Mental Health First Aider, he’s also an inspiration to others. Last year, he was brave enough to open up and share his experiences with mental health for Mental Health Day. Take a look back at his vlog and see how he’s been making practical changes to his life in his internal battle with anxiety - a battle that helped him raise over £200 for charity along the way. We couldn’t be prouder.

Our Employee Assistance Programme

We believe no one should suffer in silence, so we’ve made sure our staff have access to a 24/7 support service which is free and completely confidential.

As well as being able to speak to someone, our staff have access to an online hub full of information and support on topics like depression, anxiety and physical wellbeing. But mental health doesn’t just affect us at work, that’s why the service can also help with bereavement, sleep issues and even divorce.

Our CEO’s view

Mental resilience is a topic very dear to Claudio Gienal, CEO of AXA UK & Ireland. Here, he talks about the issue, and his own experiences, openly and honestly.

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