• About The RoadSafe Schools Campaign

    About The RoadSafe Schools Campaign

    Little things can make a big difference. They may even save a child’s life.

    Little things can make a big difference. They may even save a child’s life.

    AXA have teamed up with collection of high-profile experts from the road safety, education and parenting fields to launch the RoadSafe Schools campaign.

    Working together, the project will develop a new way for schools, parents and drivers to understand the road safety issues facing schools, from across the UK. Currently, there is no easy way to do this; however, after academic standards, the safety of their children is the second most important factor for parents when choosing a school.

    And it’s easy to understand why. The numbers of kids being injured is still far too high. Every day in the UK, seven children are knocked down, seriously injured or killed when on foot or bicycle. The RoadSafe Schools campaign believes that schools and their surrounding areas should be a safe haven for the UK’s children – and not a threat.


    Relevant AXA RoadSafe Schools forms are available for you to either download or fill out online. Download the RoadSafe Schools Assessment Form (PDF 256KB) or fill out online here, Mobile Assessment Form.

    James Barclay of AXA, who will lead the campaign, commented:

    “The safety of our children is paramount to all parents and teachers. There are still far too many injuries and deaths of children while on their journey to and from school so we want to spearhead a way to analyse and develop safer environments for school children.”

    Each partner will offer invaluable insight and knowledge, which will help to create a means to assess thousands of schools across the UK. Those schools with the best road safety measures will be used as examples to enable other schools to work with and encourage local authorities to invest in a range of road safety measures to help keep children safe.

    Partners already signed up to the programme include:

    • Brake, the road safety charity
    • The Good Schools Guide, the indispensable, impartial guide to UK state and private schools
    • Road Safety Analysis, a not-for-profit, market leader in developing road safety services
    • Colas, a specialist in sustainable solutions for the design, building and maintenance of the UK’s infrastructure
    • RoadSafe, a leading forum for promoting and devising solutions to road safety problems

    “We have been overwhelmed by the support promised from those we have approached and we look forward to working closely with them throughout the campaign and beyond,” Barclay adds. “These are the experts who have been analysing and highlighting child dangers for many years therefore their input will be invaluable.’’

    It’s an extensive ongoing campaign, which in the long run will make the surrounding areas of schools safer for children.

    So, if you’d like more information about the campaign or you’re able to help please email roadsafe@axainsurance.com for more information on how you can make your local school’s area safer.