Travel insurance cover types

Pick from any of our great value, high quality worldwide travel insurance options and you'll know you'll have AXA with you on your trip.


Single trip travel insurance

For a single trip of up to 120 days, you can get travel insurance direct from AXA in minutes online. It's so easy to arrange, and such great value too. You can buy single trip travel insurance up to a year in advance to cover you in case of cancellation. And when you're away, you're protected by a company well known around the world for the care it provides.

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Annual multi-trip travel insurance

Enjoy AXA protection for all your trips abroad in a year, wherever your travels take you. Rather than buying single trip travel insurance every time you travel, you're likely to save money as well as time with our annual multi-trip cover. It's cheaper travel insurance for quality cover with AXA.

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Pre-existing medical conditions cover

Buying travel insurance when you have an existing medical condition is painless with AXA. Our advanced online medical screening enables you to declare your condition quickly and confidentially without having to call.

Many medical conditions are covered at no extra charge, and by answering a few simple questions you should be able to get a tailored medical travel insurance quote in minutes for your ideal AXA cover.

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Sports and activities cover

We want you to enjoy your trip away as much as possible. That's why we cover you for many sports and leisure activities as standard. If you're looking to take part in something more adventurous, you can easily choose the protection you need. Just pick the sport from the long list we cover, and enjoy yourself!

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Winter sports cover

Whether you're a complete novice or a seasoned skier, you need the right protection on the slopes. AXA offers you travel medical insurance you can rely on, giving you rapid emergency treatment if you're injured and, if required, getting you safely home too. It's valuable cover at a very affordable price, and it can be taken as a single trip travel insurance or added to annual cover.

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