• Private healthcare for your business

    Nothing compares to the independence of managing a business, but we recognise it can be tough too. You have to wear all the hats, juggle all the balls (and budgets), and keep going long after everyone else has downed tools for the night. One thing is certain, it’s a lot easier to keep all the plates spinning when you and your team are fit and healthy. So we’ve thought about everything we can do to help.

    • Let us remove any hassle and arrange appointments for you
      With services like Fast Track Appointments, we can save you precious time.
    • Make sure you see experienced consultants and practitioners
      Be sure of always seeing a specialist in their field.
    • Have your teams supported by our teams of medical experts
      Our nurses, counsellors and clinicians are available by phone, some 24 hours a day, supporting you and your team, so you can get on with your work.
    • How much?
      You'll be surprised how little it costs to protect members of your team, and even your family.
    • Don't wait too long for appointments
      We can make appointments to suit your diary - even outside normal working hours.
  • Corporate health cover for large businesses

    Our corporate medical insurance plans achieve the perfect balance between healthcare cover for your employees and measurable business benefits that include reduced sickness absence, increased productivity and improved employee morale.

    Employee Wellbeing

    We recognise the growing importance of employee health and wellbeing on the company agenda. Whether it is about supporting employee engagement or managing productivity and absence, we have created a contemporary range of attractive services all focused on delivering better health outcomes.

    Switching to us

    Making a seamless switch to us is easy with our dedicated Account Managers. We could even save you up to 10% on your renewal. 

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