What is business insurance?

Accidents are a part of life and though we wish they wouldn’t happen, sometimes they do. Business insurance is there to give you peace of mind should anything go wrong with your business. It can protect your work, your people, your tools, or equipment – ultimately, business insurance exists to give you peace of mind when it comes to safeguarding your livelihood.

What covers make up a business insurance policy?

There are several different covers that can be combined to build a business insurance policy. Typically, a business insurance policy is made up of a combination of the following covers:

  • Public liability insurance
  • Professional indemnity insurance
  • Employers’ liability insurance
  • Contents insurance

However, your protection doesn’t stop there. You can enhance your cover with any of our optional extras to give you that little extra peace of mind.

Who do we cover?

Whether you’re just starting out, or you’ve been your own boss for years – we‘ve got the cover you need. We know small business, and can provide cover for:

  • Micro businesses (0-12 employees)
  • Sole traders
  • Self-employed people
  • Small companies
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Not sure what kind of cover you need?

Try out AXA’s Business Insurance Wizard

You don’t need to be a magician to find the right insurance. Simply click the link below and answer four quick question to see what types of cover best suit your business.

Ready to get start? Let the wizard work it’s magic by clicking below.

What level of business insurance do I need?

Knowing how much cover you need is important – nobody wants to be paying for more than they need. Thankfully, our covers come at various levels, so you can choose the right amount for your needs.

Where you are working and the work you’re doing will inform the level of cover you need to choose. And remember - you can increase or decrease your level of cover at any time on your online AXA account.

Public liability insurance

Our public liability insurance ranges in levels up to a maximum of £5 million. Please note, some clients or contracts might require you to have a certain level of cover before working with you. For example, if you’re working with a large organisation or a council authority, they’ll likely require you have a higher level of cover.

Professional indemnity insurance

Our professional indemnity insurance offers a wide range of cover levels depending on occupation, though you can increase this level anywhere up to £5 million of cover. Some clients may require you to have a certain level of cover.

Employers’ liability insurance

With AXA’s employers’ liability insurance you’ll get £10 million cover as standard, so you can rest assured your business is in good hands.

Contents insurance

With our business contents insurance, the level of cover you have will depend what you are covering and the value of the contents being insured. So, make sure you’re always accurately estimating the value of the items you want to cover.

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