AXA UK Tax Strategy


Finance Act 2016 requires large businesses to publish a UK tax strategy.

The AXA Group’s parent company, AXA SA, publishes a Group Tax Policy.

The Policy covers all AXA companies and branches with a presence in the UK, and applies to UK as well as overseas taxes. The publication of the Group Tax Policy fulfils these entities’ obligation to publish a tax strategy under Finance Act 2016.

The Companies and Branches

The following AXA controlled companies and branches have a presence in the UK and are covered by the Group Tax Policy:

  • Alternative Property Income Venture (General Partner) Limited
  • Andover Data Centre GP Ltd
  • Andover Data Centre Holding Ltd and its UK subsidiaries
  • Angel Risk Management Limited
  • Architas Ltd
  • AXA Africa Speciality Risks Holding Ltd and its UK subsidiaries
  • AXA Assistance UK Ltd
  • AXA Business Services (Private) Ltd - UK branch
  • AXA Framlington Group Ltd and its UK subsidiaries
  • AXA France IARD - UK Branch
  • AXA France VIE - UK Branch
  • AXA Global Healthcare (UK) Ltd
  • AXA Group Operations UK Ltd
  • AXA Investment Managers GS Ltd
  • AXA Investment Managers Ltd
  • AXA Liabilities Managers - UK branch
  • AXA Partners SAS - UK branch
  • AXA Real Estate Investment Managers UK Ltd and its UK subsidiaries
  • AXA Real Estate Investment Managers SGP - UK branch
  • AXA Strategic Ventures Europe - UK branch
  • AXA Travel Insurance Ltd
  • AXA UK Pension Trustees Ltd
  • AXA UK plc and its UK subsidiaries and branches
  • AXA XL RE Services Ltd
  • Baylog Holding Ltd
  • Catlin (North American) Holdings Ltd and its UK subsidiaries
  • Catlin Finance (UK) Ltd
  • Catlin Insurance Company (UK) Holdings Ltd
  • Catlin Underwriting
  • CRE UK 8 GP Ltd
  • Dagenham 2 (UK DevCo) Ltd
  • Dolphin Square Limited
  • Dolphin Square Operator Limited
  • Global Insurance Management Ltd and its UK subsidiaries
  • Harvitour Ltd
  • Helix UK Ltd
  • InfraEquity UK Holdings (ATW) Limited
  • Inter Partner Assistance SA - UK branch
  • Kadans Science Partner UK Limited and its UK subsidiaries
  • Kadans Science Partner UK Services Limited
  • Retirement Villages Group Ltd and its UK subsidiaries
  • XL Bermuda Limited – UK Branch
  • XL Catlin Insurance Company (UK) Limited
  • XL Catlin Services SE – UK Branch
  • XL Gracechurch Limited
  • XL Insurance Company SE - UK Branch
  • XL Insurance (UK) Holdings and its UK subsidiaries
  • XL London Market Group Limited
  • XL RE Europe SE – UK Branch

As at 31st December 2021