Life coach insurance

You’re the one people turn to with their challenges.

When things are coming to an end, or new projects are beginning. Maybe they feel stuck. Maybe they’re not sure they’re headed in the right direction. As a life coach, you help them move closer to where they need to go.

By giving your clients a fresh perspective, you’ll help them see situations and problems from another side. AXA’s business insurance will help protect you, your reputation and your clients against injury or damage. Why do life coaches need business insurance? You’re running a serious business. It’s important to protect it.

Why do life coaches need insurance?

You’re running a serious business. It’s important to protect it.

Professional indemnity offers cover for the advice and recommendations that you provide – in case of a claim, if you’re found to have caused a financial loss to a client. This insurance will offer up £5 million worth of cover for legal and compensation costs.

Maybe you’ve got a studio or office that you work from. Laptops and computers to do the day-to-day running of business, or video consultations with far-away clients. Business equipment insurance can help you protect this, wherever you are in the UK.

And if you’re running workshops in your own studio, or events on client premises – public liability cover will protect you in case of third-party injury or damage.

What insurance do life coaches need?

The type of insurance you need is all dependent on the type of work you do and what you need to carry it out. The easiest way to find out what insurance you’ll need and how much it costs? Get a quote. It’ll take a few minutes.

Do I need the same insurance if I work from home?

If you’re working from home, your home insurance might not protect you for the work you do. It’s best to check your policy.

Contents insurance will protect furnishings and contents you use to carry out your work, while business equipment cover will help you keep essential day-to-day kit like laptops, mobiles and filming equipment safe.


What kind of insurance do I need for my life coaching business?

Select from the covers below and create insurance custom-fit to your needs

Professional indemnity

Up to £5 million to protect the advice and recommendations you provide to cover specialist legal support and any compensation costs.

Find out more about professional indemnity insurance

Public liability insurance

Up to £5 million cover for third party injury or damage caused as a result of work you’ve carried out, or a visit you’ve made to third party property.

Find out more about public liability insurance

Contents cover

Protect furniture and belongings with contents insurance, with accidental damage cover, 24-hour glass replacement and 24/7 emergency helpline.

Find out more about contents insurance

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Optional extras

Business equipment cover

Mobiles, tablets and laptops – keep the technology that’s the lifeblood of your communications business protected with this equipment cover, and get help to replace damaged or lost devices.

Find out more