You educate and upskill your students. Whether you do it online or in real-life, you pass over techniques and help others to understand.

You could teach foreign languages or science, support students with maths problems or share the study of music. You could work for yourself, or with others. Whatever way you do it, you’re running a business. And you should protect it.

AXA’s business insurance for tutors will help you to protect the work you do, the clients you work with and the tools, devices or instruments you use to do it with.

Why do tutors need insurance?

Think about what you do, day-to-day. What do you use to do it with? Do you work from a laptop, through Zoom? Do you use a mobile to organise appointments? If either of those were damaged or stolen, would you be able to replace them?

With business equipment insurance, you can protect any devices that you use against loss or accidental damage – wherever you are in the UK. Maybe you run your business from a study or studio. If a client is injured whilst visiting your property or you damage their property whilst visiting, then public liability insurance can pay for any compensation costs or legal fees that occur because of a claim.

Business insurance for tutors will protect you in case of accidental third-party injury or damage. And if you run tutoring groups, AXA’s content insurance can help you protect your premises, as well as any specialist equipment, technology or tools that you use.

What insurance do tutors need?

Keep your business safe in case of accidental third-party injury or damage with public liability insurance – for example, if a client takes a fall on your premises, resulting in injury and a claim.

If you have a number of tutors who work for you, either on a temporary or part-time basis, then you will need employers’ liability insurance. It’s legally required under the Employer’s Liability act.

And if you have specific business equipment that you’re using, like a laptop, headset or mobile device – then you can keep that protected with business equipment insurance. Simply add it to one of our core covers.

What equipment does business insurance for tutors cover?

With our tailorable cover, you can build business insurance to suit your specific needs.

Simply answer the questions about you and what you do, and we’ll guide you to the specific covers you need to keep your business safe. If you’ve got electronic devices and mobiles that you use for work, you can protect them with business equipment insurance. And if you have whiteboards, materials or specific tools that you use to tutor with, then we can protect them with our contents insurance.

Do I need different insurance if I’m self-employed?

No, you don’t need different insurance if you’re self-employed. AXA’s business insurance for tutors can be built to suit the needs of your individual business – simply go through the quote process.


What cover can I get as a tutor?

Choose from the options below and build insurance to fit your business.

Public liability insurance

Up to £5m to keep your business safe in case of third-party injury or damage.

Find out more about public liability insurance

Professional indemnity

Up to £5m to protect advice and recommendations you provide.

Find out more

Contents insurance

Accidental damage cover for your contents, 24/7 helpline.

Find out more

Business equipment insurance.

Cover for mobiles, laptops or other computers you use.

Find out more

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