What is accidental damage cover?

Put simply, accidental damage cover is here for you when things go wrong. It’s often classed as an optional extra, but really it’s pretty important. It provides additional cover for damage not otherwise included in your home insurance policy. Think smashed TVs, dropped laptops and spilled wine on the sofa. You’ll find just a few more examples in the video below.

Accidental damage claims are one of the most common we receive. However, many people don’t have it – so many of these claims are unfortunately rejected. So, to avoid disappointment (and a hefty hit to your wallet), it’s certainly something to consider adding on to your insurance policy with us.

We include accidental damage for buildings insurance and contents insurance as standard in some of our policy options. For others, it’s an optional extra you can add on to your policy. You can find out the different options in the table below:

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Cover item HomeSafe HomeSure HomeSmart
Accidental damage to buildings Included as standard Included as standard Optional extra
Accidental damage to contents Included as standard Optional extra Optional extra
Get a quote Get a quote for AXA home insurance with accidental damage cover
Get a quote for AXA home insurance with accidental damage cover
Get a quote for AXA home insurance with accidental damage cover

For full terms, conditions and exclusions around accidental damage, take a look at our policy wording.

What's included with accidental damage cover?

Accidental damage cover differs for both buildings and contents insurance. Below, you’ll find a guide to what is covered:

Accidental damage cover for buildings insurance

This covers damage caused to your home’s permanent fixtures and fittings. From a wayward football smashing through your window to a mounted TV pulling down your wall, accidental damage has you covered. Some examples of what accidental damage covers you for includes:

  • Breakage of fixed glass, doors, greenhouses, or conservatories
  • Damage to ceramic hobs and ceramic tops of fixed cookers
  • Accidents involving fixed sanitary ware and bathroom fittings
  • Damage done to drains, pipes and cables
  • Breakages to your walls and ceilings

Even with accidental damage cover, there’s still a few things you won’t be covered for. This includes accidental damage to gates, hedges and fences or any damage caused by vermin. Similarly, you won’t be covered against wear and tear.

Accidental damage cover for contents insurance

With accidental damage cover, you’d be covered for accidental damage or loss to your contents while they are in your home. Phone gone for a spin in the washing machine? Kids decided to use your TV as their new ‘art project’? This is what accidental damage cover is here for. From carpet spillages to dropped laptops, you might just be surprised how much accidental damage covers.

As with accidental cover for buildings insurance, you won’t be covered for wear and tear of your contents or damage caused by pets and vermin. You also won’t be covered while your home is unoccupied or unfurnished. It also only covers you while you’re in your home – if you want to protect your contents while you’re out and about, you may want to consider personal possessions cover as well.

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