Sharing makes us stronger

When times are difficult, sometimes we all need to talk.

Choose us because...

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No 1 global insurance brand

For the 10th year, in line with our global commitment to be closer to our customers' lives

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103 million customers worldwide

We operate in 64 countries with over 166,000 employees and 103 million customers

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100% UK call centres

Our customers can speak to us here in the UK where all our call centres are based

A better future starts today

A look into the work we’re doing to help make our customers lives better and safer

Sharing makes us stronger

When times get difficult, it’s good to share how you’re feeling.

How should we build Britain’s future homes?

Partnering with Demos to research homes suitable for the future

A dementia friendly community

Raising awareness of people living with dementia 

How we're improving driving

We’re working to make driverless cars a reality sooner

Tips and guides

Helping you protect the things that matter

Allowable expenses: what are they?

Do you know what your small business is allowed to claim as expenses?

The no-fuss guide to no claims discounts

We think safer drivers should be rewarded, that's why we offer a no claims discount

How to make your home eco-friendlier

How good design can be elevated through using environmentally sustainable materials

The world's most incredible drives

Swap two legs for four wheels and check out these road trips that will get your motor running