Marketing and social media consultant insurance

What is Marketing and Social Media Consultant insurance?

Marketing and social media consultants are typically at the forefront of a client’s promotional activity, which means being hands on with clients. So, what will happen if something were to go wrong in your line of work?

This is where business insurance for marketing and social media consultants comes in. If you provide a client with bad advice or a less than stellar marketing plan, and it results in negative outcomes for your clients, they could make a claim against you. With business insurance, you can rest assured knowing AXA have your back when defending your business from a claim or paying any compensation due.

With public liability insurance you can get protection against accidental injury caused by you on your or your client’s premises. Or perhaps you’ll want business equipment cover to ensure your technology and any other essential equipment is safe.

Your work is vital to the success of your clients’ businesses. That’s why it’s important to protect it - and where AXA’s flexible business insurance for marketing and social media consultants can support you.

What type of marketing consultants are covered?

We can help you if you work in a broad range of marketing roles. If you’re getting a quote online with us, simply choose the right option for you from the below:

Marketing/promotional distribution

When you work in marketing consulting, it’s your job to know your client’ products and services inside and out, so that you can advise them on how to best promote the purchase or usage of that product or service. It will rely on a strong knowledge of the market, the consumers and the competitors so that you can give your clients the best advise possible to make them leaders in the market.

Social media consultancy

Consulting in social media means having your finger on the pulse of the here and now, understanding what consumers wants and needs are and relaying that to your clients – advising them on how to best use their social media platforms to get results for their business.

Other types of consultants that are covered by business insurance

At AXA, we insure a variety of other types of consultants. So, if you haven’t found what you needed here, why not try one of our other pages in order to find out everything you need to know about business insurance for consultants with AXA.

Management consultants

You help businesses work better – it’s as simple as that. You’re able to get up close and personal with a business and all it entails, understanding its needs and what its goals are. This allows you to advise your clients in whatever ways they might need. Want to learn more about business insurance for management consultants? We’ve have got you covered.

Telecommunications consultants

As a telecommunications consultant, you’re in charge of keeping people connected. It’s down to you design and advise on the systems that keeps a business in communicating with its staff and customers.  Whatever you specialise in, ultimately: it’s about bringing people together.

Training consultants

You’re the person that helps other businesses learn and strengthen their skills. Whether that’s through workshops, one-to-one sessions, or online – as a training consultant it’s your job to keep a business’ skillset evolving and strengthening.

Why get insurance as a marketing or social media consultant?

As a marketing and social media consultant, there are many reasons you might need to get business insurance.

No matter how hard you work, how much detail you put into a plan or how much research you have behind you – you can’t please everyone. Whether its because of monetary loss or damage to their reputation, unhappy clients could lead to claim against.

Depending on the work you do for your clients, you might need different types of levels of cover. That’s why we allow you to build your own policy, so can choose the covers you need at the level that’s right for you. You might be wondering, what types of insurance do I need as a marketing and social media consultant?

Not to worry, we’re here to help.

Do I need professional indemnity insurance?

As a marketing and social media consultant, professional indemnity insurance is vital to protecting your business and the work you do. If a client is unhappy because the work you’ve provided or the advice you’ve given has resulted in a loss for them, you’ll need professional indemnity insurance to fight any claims.

Similarly, professional indemnity insurance is key to protect you against claims resulting from things such as copyright infringement, negligence, and breach of confidentiality.

Do I need public liability insurance?

When you interact with clients or the general public, then public liability insurance is a must. If someone is accidentally injured on your property or in connection with your business, then you’ll be held liable. With public liability insurance, AXA has your back to help defend against these claims.

Do I need business equipment insurance?

Whether you’re using a whiteboard and pens, or the latest new gadgets in the field, accidents can happen. Without the tools of your trade, you’ll be unable to perform to the best of your ability and keep your business in top shape. With business equipment insurance from AXA, we’ll be there to have your back if your equipment gets accidentally damaged, lost or stolen.

I work in public relations as a consultant, do I need business insurance?

If you’re in the business of offering advice or creating strategies and communications plans – it’ll be worth investing in professional indemnity insurance. This insurance covers you if you give advice that causes financial loss to a client, including compensation and legal fees.

If you’d like, you can choose to get cover from as far back as your company’s formation – to ensure that you’re completely covered for any work you’ve done previously. And you can dial up your cover level with additional cover for breach of confidentiality, data protection/copyright breaches, defamation, business equipment and more.

Public liability insurance can protect you if someone is injured or their property is damaged because of the work that you do – say at a launch event that you’ve organised, or if you’re visiting client offices.If you have employees, contractors, casual workers or temporary staff who work for you (even on occasion), you’re legally required to have employers’ liability insurance to protect them.

Are freelance marketing consultants covered by business insurance?

If you’re a freelancer, it’s very important for you to have adequate insurance for your business. Because if anything goes wrong with the work you do, it’ll be left to you to pick up the pieces and shoulder the costs of any compensation or legal fees.

And they can be huge costs to manage alone, which could risk folding your company altogether.

Business insurance offers you cover to protect the consequences of work you do, the equipment and devices you use to do it, plus any staff you have. Meaning, if the worst comes, you’ve got the reassurance that AXA have your back – and you’ll be able to continue on with work if you need to.

I’m working from home, am I covered by business insurance?

In the changes that have come about this year, more of us than ever before are working from home. If you’re an employer with staff who are now working from home, you should adjust your coverage to ensure your staff are adequately protected for the things they’re doing.

How does business insurance work for marketing and social media consultants?

Depending on the types and levels of cover you choose, how much you be covered for will vary. For example, with our professional indemnity insurance, you’re getting up to £5 million cover, depending on your occupation, with specialist policies for members of certain professional bodies. While our public liability insurance also offers up £5 million cover against accidental damage or injury caused on your business premises, or when interacting with the general public.

If there comes a time when you need to make a claim with us, there are a few things that will help the process go more smoothly. For starters, we recommend keeping copies of all receipts as well as photographs of your tools. Have this information readily available as having these to hand when we need them is going to help speed up you claim.

Still need more information? Check out our handy Business Guardian Angel article Six simple steps to help settle a claim in 24 hours for a more in depth guide to what you can do to help us settle your claims quickly and easily.

How much does marketing consultancy insurance cost?

When it comes to the cost of your insurance, there’s no one size fits all. There are many factors that go into determining the price you pay – from the type of work you do, to the number of staff you have, or the equipment you need to protect.

Our cover is tailored to your business’s needs, meaning you’ll only ever pay for the cover you need. The quickest way to find out your price? Get a quote online today.


What cover can I get for my marketing and social media consultancy?

Choose from the range of covers below and create your perfect fit.

Professional indemnity

Up to £5 million cover for advice, designs, recommendations or plans that you’ve drawn up, that are found to have caused a financial loss for a client.

Find out more about professional indemnity insurance

Public liability insurance

Up to £5 million cover for third party injury or damage caused as a result of work you’ve carried out, or a visit you’ve made to third party property.

Find out more about public liability insurance

Employers’ liability insurance

£10 million cover for anyone who works for you (that includes part-time, weekend, temporary staff, interns, apprentices or any volunteers who work with you) in case they’re injured or fall ill as a result of working for you. Legally required if you have staff.

Find out more about employers liability insurance

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Optional extras

Business equipment cover

Mobiles, tablets and laptops – keep the technology that’s the lifeblood of your communications business protected with this equipment cover, and get help to replace damaged or lost devices.

Find out more

Legal expenses

£1 million cover for specialist legal support, a 24/7 legal advice helpline** and specialist options – simply add to any of our core covers for additional protection.

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