How to start a photography business

Starting up

20 November 2020

Starting your own photography business requires a lot of work to make it successful. Read AXA's guide to find out all you need to know about the process.

Self Employed Hero
Side hustle ideas: how to start a side business and earn extra money

Starting up

26 March 2021

Want to start a side business? From candle making to dog walking, here are AXA’s side hustle ideas to help you earn extra money.

The ins and outs of government small business grants

Back to Business

22 January 2021

Looking to apply for a small business grant? Read AXA’s guide to learn everything you need to know.

How to freelance
How to start working freelance

Starting up

6 August 2020

Thinking of working freelance? AXA’s guide explains the role of a freelancer and how to start a freelance business.

How to become a business consultant

Starting up

23 June 2020

Thinking of becoming a business consultant? Read AXA’s guide for advice on how to start and what to expect.

Cleaning company
How to start a cleaning company

Starting up

28 February 2020

Before you don the rubber gloves, read our guide to starting a cleaning company.

Guide to going self-employed
Going Self-Employed: A Guide

Starting up

7 January 2020

Starting a business on your own should be less daunting with our guide.

Behind the Business: Maison de Choup

Starting up

4 December 2019

For George, hard work is worth it when your business helps inspire others.

Behind the business: Paper Ribbons

Starting up

23 July 2019

For Roz, hard work is easy when you're doing what you love. Find out why.

Behind the business: Mike King Windows

Starting up

5 February 2019

Having run a window cleaning company for the past 40 years, Mike knows what it takes to make your business successful. He shares his business tips here.

Behind the business: Dynamic Double Glazing

Starting up

5 February 2019

Providing the best service possible is what drives Ian Hepburn’s business forward. Here, Ian chats the highs and lows of being self-employed.

Behind the business: Wendy Harris

Starting up

5 February 2019

For Wendy Harris, clear communication is vital to business success. Here she reveals why she relishes being in the driver’s seat of her business.

Small Business Christmas Survival Guide

Starting up

7 December 2018

12 steps to help your small business flourish this festive season

How to survive running a business from home

Starting up

17 October 2018

Running a home business? Here’s how to make the most of it.

Why you should be a sustainable SME

Starting up

4 June 2018

With sustainability high on the agenda, here's why your SME should go green.

ups and downs
The ups and downs of starting a business

Starting up

31 May 2018

Follow our guide to getting through the scariest part of business - starting up

How to assess the health of your business

Starting up

5 April 2018

Using an effective SWOT analysis to assess your businesses health and assist in forward planning.

Entrepreneurs recommend: the best business books, podcasts and tech

Starting up

14 March 2018

Women entrepreneurs: growing confidence

Starting up

8 March 2018

Five practical tips to help women in business stay on track as you move forward.