Paper Ribbons Shopfront
Behind the business: Paper Ribbons

Starting up

23 July 2019

For Roz, hard work is easy when you're doing what you love. Find out why.

How to become a music tutor

Starting up

24 November 2023

Love to get lost in the music? Find out how to start a music tutoring business.

Become a freelance graphic designer

Starting up

8 November 2023

If you're thinking of doing freelance graphic design, read this guide to getting started.

How to become a business consultant

Starting up

6 November 2023

Thinking of becoming a business consultant? AXA’s guide explains the role of a business consultant and how to start a consulting business.

Small Business Christmas Survival Guide

Starting up

31 October 2023

12 steps to help your small business flourish this festive season

How to Start a Photography Business

Starting up

30 October 2023

Starting your own photography business requires a lot of work to make it successful. Read AXA's guide to find out all you need to know about the process.

The State of Startup

Starting up

24 October 2023

Lets take a look at the trends from the 2023 AXA Startup Angel winners

2023 Startup Angel winner: Olivia Hylton
AXA Startup Angel winner: Sistren

Starting up

15 August 2023

Introducing our AXA Startup Angel winners for 2023: Sistren.

Winner of 2023 Startup Angel - Hanan Tantush
AXA Startup Angel winner: Intotum

Starting up

14 August 2023

Introducing our AXA Startup Angel winners for 2023: Intotum.

How to become a dance teacher

Starting up

11 July 2023

Thinking of becoming a dance instructor? Read this guide to getting started.

A male florist working on a flower arrangement
How to start a floristry business

Starting up

22 June 2023

If you have a budding interest in floristry read this guide to getting started.

How to freelance
What’s it like to found a startup?

Starting up

22 May 2023

If you're starting a business, here's a few things you may want to prepare for.

AXA Startup Angels 2023
How to win: advice from the 2023 judges

Starting up

14 March 2023

Read the judges' best advice for entrants to the AXA Startup Angel competition.

2022 AXA Startup Angel Winners
AXA Startup Angel 2022 winners advice

Starting up

13 March 2023

Considering applying for AXA Startup Angel? Get advice from our 2022 winners.

Are business partners key to success?

Starting up

3 March 2023

Starting up on your own could be daunting, so is a business partner the key?

Tradesman, Steve Hollands, hard at work in his joinery business
Small Business Stories: Steve Hollands

Starting up

30 December 2022

Tradesman Steve talks about running his own carpentry business.

A man looking at his computer screen while sitting in the dark
Side hustle ideas: how to start a side business and earn extra money

Starting up

24 November 2022

Want to start a side business? From candle making to dog walking, here are AXA’s side hustle ideas to help you earn extra money.

How to start a life coaching business

Starting up

31 October 2022

Looking to start a life coaching business? Here, AXA breaks down what skills you need and how to get started.

The ins and outs of government small business grants

Back to Business

25 October 2022

Looking to apply for a small business grant? Read AXA’s guide to learn everything you need to know.