What is business insurance for salons?

Beauticians are responsible for making their clients feel good about themselves. From nail technicians to make up artists and hairdressers – beauticians can do it all.

Since you’re working closely with your customers every day, you’ll need business insurance to protect yourself in case anything goes wrong. Public liability insurance will be your best friend, keeping your well covered in case of third-party claims.

If you have employees or your own premises, you’ll also need to consider other covers too.

What covers are recommended for beauty salons?

The following covers are most chosen by beauticians:

Public liability insurance which protects you from third party claims. This covers you for up to £5 million if a member of the public gets accidentally injured or their property gets damaged while dealing with your business.

Employers’ liability insurance is a legal requirement for any business that has people working for it. This doesn’t just cover full time, permanent staff but also part-time staff, volunteers, trainees, or apprentices.

Contents and buildings insurance which is there to protect your beauty salon. Contents is the core cover, which covers any contents, stock and fixtures and fittings (anything that is fixed in place).

Please note: If you choose this cover, you can also add buildings insurance which will provide cover for the exterior of your business, such as windows, exterior walls and signage.

What optional extras can I get for my policy?

You can add various optional extras to your policy to ensure you’re getting the most from your business insurance policy.

Why do beauty salons need business insurance?

Allergic reactions, slips, trips and falls, or a break in at your salon – whatever unwelcome surprise comes your way, business insurance has you covered.

Business insurance can protect you against unexpected losses – losses which could cost your business a substantial sum if you’re left to shoulder the cost alone.

    What does business insurance cover for beauty salons?

    There are several instances where having the right business insurance cover can protect you, such as:

    An allergic reaction

    A customer is getting their makeup done for a big event and you’re using some new designer products you just got a hold of. But after a little while you notice that even though you’ve done patch testing with the products you’ve used, your client is developing a nasty looking rash around their eyes. Now, your customer is making a claim for a severe allergic reaction. With the right cover, our insurance can help with any settlements or medical costs.

    Slips, trips, and falls

    A customer is booked in with you for several different treatments – a manicure, a facial, makeup application. When moving from one station to the next, your customer slips on a wet floor where one of your employees has forgotten to put out a ‘wet floor’ sign. All of this has resulted in a claim against your business for accidental injury. With public liability, you can get help with legal and compensation costs.

    A break in at your salon overnight

    One night after you’ve locked up for the evening your salon is broken into and there’s a lot of damage to be sorted. Your chairs are damaged, windows and mirrors smashed, and a lot of stock taken. Not only that, now your business has been interrupted, resulting in a loss of sales and revenue from the days you’ve been unable to trade. To get everything sorted and back to normal, you’ll have to rely on your business insurance to help with the cost of replacement and repairs.

      Is business insurance a legal requirement for beauty therapists?

      No, business insurance isn’t a legal requirement in the UK. The only instance where you’re legally required to have insurance is if you have anyone working for you.

      If you’re an employer, then under the Employers’ Liability Act 1969 you’re required by law to have employers’ liability insurance. This will protect your employees in case they get accidentally injured or fall sick as a result of working for you.

      This covers anyone that you have working for you, including:

      • Full-time and part-time employees
      • Self-employed contractors you hire
      • Temporary staff, apprentices, and volunteers
      • People taking part in work experience or training schemes

      What type of beauty salons do you cover?

      Thanks to our flexible range of business insurance products, we can now insure a wide range of beauty businesses, including:

      • Beauty therapists
      • Makeup artists
      • Beauty salons
      • Beauty therapists
      • Cosmetic and makeup artists
      • Hair and beauty consultants
      • Hair and beauty salons
      • Manicurists and pedicurists
      • Nail technicians

      And no matter whether you run your own salon, or you’re freelance, mobile or self-employed, we’ve got you covered.

        What beauty treatments are covered?

        We can offer cover to business that provide a range of treatments, including the following:

        • Manicures
        • Pedicures
        • Eyelash tinting
        • Eyebrow shaping and threading
        • Facial massages
        • Skin cleansing
        • Waxing
        • Ear piercing
        • Makeup

        If you carry out other types of beauty treatments, for example if you offer body piercing or permanent makeup treatments, or have sunbeds in your shop, we may not be able to insure you.

        If you’re unsure whether or not we can cover your business with the services you offer, please don’t hesitate to get in touch and a member of the team can help.

          How much does business cost for beauty therapists?

          The price you pay will depend on the covers you chose to take combined with some key factors about your business.

          These factors include:

          • The services you offer can affect the price you pay for your cover. This is because certain occupations carry a higher risk of accidental injury than others, which increases the risk of a claim.

          • Where you complete your work can affect your premium because business that are in areas with heavy footfall, or who interact more consistently with members of the pubic, are at higher risk of accidents occurring.

          • How many staff you have will affect your premium as more employees opens to up to more possibilities of claims resulting in negligence or accidental injury.

          The quickest and easiest way to find out what your price would be is to get a quote with us – and if you chose to get a quote online, you’ll also save 10%* on the cost of your policy.

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            Beautician insurance FAQs

            Do self-employed beauticians need business insurance?

            All beauty therapists need business insurance, though what stage of your business you’re at will determine what kinds of cover you need.

            For example, if you are newly self-employed you will need public liability insurance, but perhaps not buildings, contents, or employer’s liability.

            However, self-employed businessowners who have been around for a while may now have a few employees that work with them, or a be moving into a physical salon premises


            Do mobile beauty therapists need business insurance?

            Mobile beauty therapists need business insurance just as much as any other type of beautician do, though as well as various levels of business insurance you may also want to consider van insurance.

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