Your work is about discoveries. Experimentation and analysis. Whatever field of science you’re working you’re in – biochemistry, physics or engineering – you keep your eye trained to the microscope, observing and documenting your insights for the research you’re conducting.

You could work within industry or the medical field – influencing product decisions or pharmaceutical companies.

Detailed, impactful work like yours comes with consequences, and needs to be protected properly. And that’s where AXA insurance comes in.

Why do scientific researchers need insurance?

You may be working in the field of medical research or product development, helping to manufacture production methods, or presenting your research in scientific journals or at conferences.

Regardless, the breakthroughs, results and analysis that you provide is trusted. Say you’re working with an organisation to help develop or improve their products and manufacturing processes.

If findings you’ve presented are found to be incorrect, causing reputational and financial damage to a client, then you’re responsible for any associated legal and compensation fees. Or maybe you’re carrying out fieldwork or conducting research within a university lab, and a research participant is injured by the work that you’re carrying out. Without insurance, you’re liable for any costs if they choose to make a claim against you.

With the right kind of insurance, you’ll be covered for any risks that you face – meaning that you’re free to get back to the important work.

What insurance do scientific researchers need?

Professional indemnity insurance will cover your advice, design and recommendations in case they cause financial lost to your clients. You’ll get up to £5m cover (with a choice of cover levels) to pay out compensation costs or lawyers fees that result as a part of any claim – plus, access to a UK-based call centre for guidance when you need it.

And with public liability protection, you’ll be protected whether you’re working in the lab or carrying out fieldwork, visiting clients on premises or presenting your work at a conference. It’ll offer up to £5m cover in cases of third party injury or damage caused by you.

Does the amount of cover I need depend on my type of research?

Yes, it’ll depend on the type of specialism you have – but we can cover you for most of your insurance needs. With our professional indemnity insurance, you can adjust your cover level to suit your needs. But the best way to find the insurance that’s tailormade for your business? Get a quote online.

It’ll only take a few minutes. Simply tell us a few things about your business and the work that you carry out, and we’ll offer you a comprehensive list of the covers you can choose from, building to create the insurance package that’s right for you.


What cover can I get as a scientific researcher?

Choose from the options below and build insurance to fit your business.

Public liability insurance

Up to £5m cover to handle legal and compensation costs in case of accidental third party injury or damage.

Find out more about public liability insurance

Professional indemnity

Up to £5m cover to protect advice, recommendations, papers or designs that you provide to a client. 

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Optional extras

Legal expenses

£1m cover to access specialist legal support, plus a 24/7 legal and tax helpline if you need it.