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Traffic congestion under warning signs on the m1 motorway
What are smart motorways?

Motoring advice

22 March 2022

With technology advancing everything in our lives, in this article we take a look at what smart motorways are and what they could mean for your commute.

Hand holding refuelling nozzle inserted into white car
Alternative fuel guide

Motoring advice

2 March 2022

The future of driving is changing. But what does it look like? In this guide, we consider some of the alternative forms of fuel that may be used in the long-term.

Midsection of man refueling car at petrol station
Oops, wrong fuel: what to do in the event of a misfuel

Car maintenance

1 March 2022

Have you put the wrong fuel in your car? Don’t worry, it’s more common than you think. Read our guide to find out what to do.

Car driving down urban street in rain
A brief guide to car headlight bulbs

Car maintenance

28 February 2022

Halogen, Xenon, or LED lights? The world of car bulbs can be confusing. Read our guide and learn how to get on the road when the sun goes down.

Young black male buying a used blue car
What to do when you buy a used car

Buying or selling a car

25 February 2022

Have you just bought a second-hand car? Want to get it on the road ASAP? Learn more about the V5C form and how you can transfer car ownership.

A speedometer registering 50 miles per hour
What are speed limiters and will they become standard?

Car safety

24 February 2022

From 6th July 2022, all new cars in the EU will have to have speed limiters, but what exactly are they?

Person pressing unlock button on their car's wireless key fob
Everything you need to know about number plates

Motoring advice

10 February 2022

Find out everything you need to know about standard and private number plates in AXA’s helpful guide.

New cars parked in a row
Diesel car scrappage scheme: everything you need to know

Motoring advice

8 February 2022

Considering scrapping your diesel car for a ULEX compliant vehicle? Get the lowdown from AXA on what you need to consider before upgrading!

London cycle commuter riding away in neighborhood on way to work
New Highway Code changes: everything you need to know

Motoring advice

28 January 2022

The Highway Code has changed; find out what you need to know in our handy guide.

A utility trailer being pulled on the motorway
Towing a trailer and your car insurance cover explained

Car insurance policies

21 January 2022

When it comes to towing a trailer or caravan, it pays to know what you’re doing. Find out how to drive safely and what your car insurance covers.

A car driving through a flooded road
Driving tips for flooded roads

Driving in hazardous conditions

19 January 2022

Driving on flooded roads can be dangerous. Here are some pointers for staying safe and avoiding damage to your car’s engine.

A senior woman driving a car
Scam alert: DVLA issues warning to elderly drivers renewing their licence

Motoring advice

18 January 2022

The DVLA has issued a warning to elderly drivers looking to renew their licence after a spat of scams. Learn how to protect yourself online here.