What does comprehensive car insurance mean?

Let’s approach the most pressing question first: comprehensive car insurance, what is it?

Effectively, comprehensive car insurance is the highest level of protection you can get for your car. It covers you for everything included as part of third-party, fire and theft. However, it also covers you for accidental damage to your own car, even if you were at fault. So, should the worst happen to your car, comprehensive car insurance has got you covered.

What's included in comprehensive car insurance coverage?

Compared to third-party, fire and theft, comprehensive car insurance with AXA includes the following:

Feature AXA Third-Party, Fire and Theft car insurance AXA Comprehensive car insurance
Damage to other people's cars or property Included Included
Injury to other people Included Included
Repair or replacement of your car if it is damaged by fire Included Included
Repair or replacement of your car if it is stolen or damaged by theft Included Included
Replacement of child car seats if stolen or damaged by theft or fire Included Included
Overnight accommodation or onward travel1 Included Included
Courtesy car2 Included Included
Lifetime guarantee on repairs3 Included Included
Cover to drive your car in Europe for up to 90 days Included Included
Replacement keys or locks if your car keys are stolen Included Included
Round the clock support with our 24 hour claims line Included Included
Repair or replacement of your car if it is damaged accidentally - even if it was your fault Not included Included
Replacement of child car seats involved in an accident Not included Included
£5,000 personal accident cover Not included Included
Windscreen repair or replacement Not included Included
Replacement keys or locks if your car keys are lost accidentally Not included Included
Cover in case you put the wrong fuel in your car Not included Included
Uninsured driver promise4 Not included Included
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Get a quote for AXA fully comprehensive car insurance

Do I need comprehensive car insurance?

If you plan to drive your car, you’ll need car insurance by law. Whether you opt for third-party, fire and theft or comprehensive car cover is up to you. It’s worth taking the time to consider the additional benefits you get with comprehensive car insurance to see if it’s right for you. Quite often, you may find that comprehensive car insurance actually works out cheaper than third-party fire and theft.

Are there any optional extras with comprehensive car insurance?

Here at AXA, we offer a range optional extras to complement your comprehensive car insurance. You’ve got some great options to choose from, including courtesy car upgrades and no claims discount protection. This will help you tailor your cover to your own needs.

Want to know more? Well, explore the full range of optional extras.

How much does comprehensive car insurance cost?

If all of this sounds good to you (and we hope it does), you’ll likely have one last burning question: price.

While we can’t give you a price here and now, we can answer some common questions around comprehensive car insurance and price.

What impacts the price of a comprehensive insurance quote?

There’s a number of factors that go into pricing car insurance. Some of the common factors include:

  • Your driving history
  • The car make and model
  • The total annual mileage for the car
  • Any additional drivers, and their driving history

This list is by no means exhaustive. There’s a quite a large list of factors that come into considering when we provide you with your own personal quote price.

How can I get a quote with AXA?

Getting a car insurance quote with AXA is quick and easy. Just start your quote with us now, it only takes a few minutes. Already started a quote? No problem, you can retrieve your quote and pick up from where you left off.

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1 If your car can't be driven following damage covered by your policy.

2 Following a valid claim. Standard 3 door manual car provided until repair completed by our approved repairer or up to 14 days if the car has been declared a total loss.

3 From our approved network for as long as you own your car.

4 You'll get back your no claims discount and excess if your car is damaged by an uninsured driver. You will need to provide the make, model and registration number of the other car in the event of a claim. Applies when you are not to blame.