Home safety

Hands of roofer laying tile on the roof
How to protect your home from high winds

Home safety

15 December 2023

How to protect your home before, during, and after high winds hit.

Young boy wearing wellies and an anorak as he stands near flood puddles
How to fortify your home against flood damage

Home safety

12 December 2023

Tips to prevent flood damage from putting a dampener on your bricks and mortar investment during a downpour.

Flooded covering cars and ground floor of a building in a residential street in york
Flooding advice

Home safety

11 December 2023

Our advice on flooding, including what measures you can take to protect your property and what to do next if it becomes damaged.

Young woman making shaped cookies with cutter for Christmas
Keeping your home safe at Christmas

Home safety

7 December 2023

A simple guide of how to keep your home safe while enjoying the Christmas period

heavy rain hitting house roof during storm
How to protect your home from storm damage

Home safety

2 November 2023

Want to know how to protect your home from storm damage? Check out our handy guide on how to make sure you’re prepared.

Little boy sitting by a white window
Is your home ready for winter?

Home maintenance

2 November 2023

Make sure your home stays warm and cosy whatever the weather.

Funny little boy with his father playing with garden hose in sunny backyard
Protecting your home in the summer months

Home safety

21 July 2023

From weatherproofing to home security, AXA reveals how to protect your property in the summer months.

Closeup of frozen window at home
How to protect your home from freezing winter weather

Home safety

31 January 2023

Protecting your home in winter can be tricky. Keep your cool with AXA’s guide to making your home safe and warm as the big winter freeze bites.

Pumpkins lining a stairway
Ghoulishly good tricks to help protect your home

Home safety

24 October 2022

AXA’s ghoulishly good tricks could work a treat in helping to protect your property against things that go bump in the night this Halloween.