Home safety

Fallen tree in front of a suburban house
Storm-proofing tips for the home

Home safety

17 November 2021

Come hail or high winds, stay calm with AXA's tips on how to keep your home safe when a storm hits.

Man changing battery in fire alarm
Fire safety at home

Home safety

16 September 2021

Keep your family and your home safe by following AXAs simple fire safety checklist. Make sure you are insured against potential fire damage and find information on claims now.

Flooded living room
Flood Re

Home insurance policies

18 February 2019

All you need to know about Flood Re, why it's important, who's eligible for it and what you can do if you live in a flood risk area.

Two persons holding sparklers
How to get your home geared up for Guy Fawkes Night

Home safety

26 October 2018

Heading out to marvel at fireworks on Bonfire Night? Here’s AXA’s guide of things to remember to help keep you and your home safe on the 5th of November.

Pane of glass in window broken by accident being checked by a glazier
Be prepared: time-saving tips for home emergencies

Home safety

25 June 2018

When things go wrong, how do you get your hands on the things you urgently need? Follow AXA's tips to save time when it matters most.

Young woman testing smoke alarm on ceiling
Smoke alarms: choosing the right one

Home safety

20 March 2018

Fires cause costly property damages so a smoke alarm should be at the top of most homeowner's safety checklist. Choose the right alarm with our guide here.