Using a dashcam to support a claim

These handy gadgets, which are also known as in-car camera recorders, record a driver’s-eye view of the road ahead on every journey. Dashcams can provide valuable evidence of what happened in an accident, helping to settle claims more quickly and reduce fraud.

Dashcams have been shown to be useful safety features on commercial vehicles for some time now, with video evidence proving many drivers’ safety and skills behind the wheel. Likewise, cyclists often fit a camera to their helmets just in case they are involved in an incident on the road.

Dashcams are now becoming more popular with car owners eager to show how safely they drive and reduce their risk of being accused in ‘crash for cash’ claims. If a driver with a dashcam was unfortunate enough to be involved in an accident, they’d be able to send us video evidence to support their claim.

Sending a dashcam video

If you’ve told us your car has a dashcam, you must, where possible, send us video evidence in the event of a car insurance claim, as it will help us to investigate it for you and could settle the claim faster in your favour.

Whilst we won’t need to see videos from every trip, we may also very occasionally ask drivers with dashcams to send us a sample video to make sure that the dashcam is working correctly.