What is a pet shop?

Pet shops are a one stop shop for a pet owner to get everything they need for their animal friends. Whether that’s a collar for a new puppy, toys for a feline friend or some specialised fish food – it’s your job to make sure your customers have everything they need.

Do pet shops need business insurance?

Yes, pet shops need business insurance. Accidents are a part of life – it’s unavoidable. So, it’s always better to be safe than sorry.

Since you’re dealing with members of the public day in, day out it’s important that you’ve got the right covers in place to protect you if something should go wrong. You’ll also need to have the right protection to protect your employees, as well as any stock you have on hand.


What type of business insurance for I need for my pet shop?

There are a few types of insurance that you might want to consider if you own a pet shop.

Public liability insurance

Public liability insurance is vital for protecting you from third party claims if someone gets injured in your shop or as a result of your products. For example, if a customer trips over a loose fixture and ends up with an injury then public liability has you covered.

Employers' liability insurance

Employers’ liability insurance is a legal requirement under the Employers’ Liability Act 1969. It’s there to protect your employees if they get injured or become ill as a result of working for your business, and covers anyone who works for you, whether that’s part or full-time, paid, voluntary to trainee.

Contents insurance

Contents insurance is designed to protect your stock and contents whether you sell from a store or online. Contents cover protects not only your business contents and stock, but also any fixtures and fittings or employee belongings if they are lost, stolen or damaged.

What insurance do I need to sell pet food?

If you’re selling food items in your store, then you should invest in public liability cover that includes product liability. At AXA, product liability is included as standard with our public liability product if you make, sell or supply products and will keep you protected in case of third-party injury or damage.

This means that if you recommend or sell a product that ends up injuring a customer’s pet, you’ll be covered from any claims that might arise.

Are my employees covered if an animal bites or attacks them?

As an employer, it is your responsibility to provide your employees with the protective clothing and to have the right safety measures in place. If you’ve done that, you’ll be covered if something goes wrong.

Is pet shop business insurance mandatory in the UK?

In the UK, business insurance is not mandatory unless you have people working for you. If you take on any employees, then you will be legally required to have employers’ liability insurance.

While other business insurances are not mandatory, it is still highly recommended that you have insurance. If you don’t, and someone makes a claim against your business, you will be financially responsible for the cost of that claim.

How much does pet shop insurance cost?

Just like the lovable creatures you cater to; every business is unique. This means that every business’ policy is also unique. There are a few things that will factor into the price of your policy, so the quickest way to find out what you will be likely to pay is to get a quote.

You can get a quote online in a matter of minutes – and if you decide to make a purchase, you’ll also get 10%** off your price for getting a quote online.

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Can I pay for my policy monthly?

When it comes time to pay for your policy, there are two options available – paying in full or paying via monthly instalments. If you want to pay for your policy via monthly instalments***, you can choose this option at the payment stage of your quote journey.

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