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What is business insurance for carpet cleaners?

Business insurance for carpet cleaners can cover a range of options to give you the best protection. The most common cover chosen by carpet cleaners is public liability as this job often requires you to interact with members of the public as well as your client’s personal property.

You may also consider pairing this with other products, such as employers’ liability or business equipment cover, to build a bespoke business insurance package to keep your business safe.

Why do carpet cleaners need insurance?

Carpet cleaners need insurance for several reason. For example, what happens if you accidentally use the wrong kind of cleaner on your customer’s carpet, and end up staining the material? Or, what if you're working in a larger space – like an office – and a member of the office staff trips over one of your cables and gets hurt?

In cases like this, your business insurance can save you from the financial backlash of a claim.

Similarly, if you have any employees, trainees or even volunteers that work for you, you’re legally obligated to have employers’ liability insurance to cover you in the event that they get accidentally injured or fall ill as result of their work.


What types of insurance do cleaners need?

There are several types of insurance that a carpet cleaner could benefit from having as part of their policy. Take a look at some of the most common choices below.

Public liability insurance

This will cover your legal liability for accidental injury or property damage claims made against your carpet cleaning business.

Find out more about public liability insurance

Business equipment cover

With this add-on cover to your business insurance, you’ll get protection for any equipment needed to keep your business running, such vacuum cleaners, sprayers, strain removing tools and more.

Find out more

Employers’ liability insurance

If you have anyone working under your supervision, including full-time, part-time staff, volunteers or apprentices, you’re legally required to have this cover.

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Van insurance

If you use a van for work, for example getting from job to job and transporting supplies, we can cover you and help keep you on the road.

Find out more about van insurance

How do I get insurance for my carpet cleaning business?

Getting insurance for your business is simple. You can get a quote with us online in a matter of minutes. We’ll ask you some questions about your business and let you see what cover options are available to you. At this stage you can alter the level of cover you want and add any optional extras you’d like.


If you’re not sure what type of covers are most suitable, that’s no problem. Our Business Insurance Wizard tool can help. Simple answer a few questions about your business and the work you do, and you’ll see which options businesses like yours tend to choose.

How much does business insurance for cost for carpet cleaners?

AXA business insurance customers pay from £82* a year for business insurance.

If you’d like to see an exact price for what insuring with AXA would cost for your business, getting a quote is the quickest and easiest way to find out. That way you’ll know exactly how much you’ll pay – and if you choose to buy online, you’ll benefit from a 10%*** discount.

You can choose to pay one annual lump sum at the point of purchase, or in interest free monthly instalments over the course of the year.

Why should I choose AXA to cover my carpet cleaning business?

At AXA we put you, our customers, at the heart of everything we do. Here are just a few of the reasons you may consider AXA to protect your business.

  1. We’re rated 4.6/5 stars on Feefo**

    We’re currently rated 4.6 out 5 on Feefo** and, thanks to the volume of positive feedback from our customers, are proud to have been awarded the 2023 Feefo Platinum Trusted Service Accreditation for the third year running. Now, that’s cover you can rely on.

  2. 10%*** discount when you buy online

    When you buy business insurance online with AXA, you’ll save 10%*** on the cost of your policy.

  3. Cover that grows with your business

    Your online account houses all your policy details, including your important documents – which you can view, download and print anytime. You can also add or remove covers, change cover levels, cancel your policy, or change your renewal status online at any time during your policy.

  4. We have a UK-based contact centre

    Sometimes, the easiest way to solve a problem is to chat to one of our helpful staff members. So if you need to contact us for any reason, you can rest assured that one of our UK-based advisors will be able to help.

Frequently asked questions

What type of claim might a carpet cleaner face?

Typically, most claims a carpet cleaner will face will be related accidental injury or property damage. Here are a few examples:

  • You accidentally used the wrong type of cleaner for a job you were working on and have damaged the customer’s carpet
  • While cleaning a carpet for a commercial client, someone trips over a cord from your vacuum cleaner and gets injured
  • You knock over a bottle of cleaning solution while you’re working, and it stains the customer’s property

What does business insurance cover me for?

Different types of insurance will cover you for different things.

  • Public liability insurance covers you for third-part claims of accidental injury or property damage
  • Employers’ liability insurance covers you against claims from current or former employees for accidental injury or if they’ve fallen ill as a result of their time working for you
  • Business equipment cover protects the equipment you have that makes your day to day work possible in the event that it gets damages, lost or stolen

Will I need tools insurance?

Yes, if you’d like to cover your cleaning equipment – for example vacuums, cleaning machines, brushes, hoses etc – you can do this under business equipment cover.

Can I change my cover if my services change?

Yes, you can. As your business grows and changes you may find yourself needing a higher level of cover, or to add nee types of cover or extras to your policy. If you do, you can do this at any point in your online account.

Am I covered for commercial jobs as well as working on homes?

Yes, you’ll be covered for working on any jobs regardless of whether that is in a residential or commercial property.

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