How to add a permanent driver to your car insurance policy

Looking to add a permanent driver to your car insurance policy? Find out how to do this online in a few simple steps.

Are you downsizing from two cars to one? Or are you simply looking to give someone else the ability to drive your car? Whatever the reason, you might be thinking about adding a new permanent driver to your insurance policy.

At AXA, we’ve made this process quick, easy and completely online. Instead of waiting in a call queue, just log into your online account to make the change. The added bonus? You’ll avoid the £25 admin fee you’d be charged if you made this change over the phone.

Find out how to add a permanent driver to your policy by following our step-by-step guide. As the policyholder, you’ll need to make sure you have details about and claims and convictions the new driver may have before starting. It’s important to ensure that when you add a new driver to your policy that all their details are correct, otherwise you risk invalidating your policy.

Our step-by-step guide

  1. Log in to your AXA account, choose the policy you want to update and select 'Make a change'.
  2. Choose 'Add a driver' and set the date when you'd like the change to start from.
  3. Enter the new driver's details and select 'Get a quote for my changes'.
  4. Follow the steps on each screen - we'll let you know of any price diference before you decide.
  5. Confirm your payment details and select 'Continue' to make your change. Once you see the confirmation screen you're done.

There are plenty of other changes you can make to your car policy from your online account. Take a look at some of them on our ‘Making changes to my policy online’ page.