What is stock insurance?

Stock insurance covers the cost of replacing your stock if any of it gets stolen or accidentally damaged. You can also add cover for deterioration of stock** if this is relevant to your occupation.

Stock cover is item under your contents insurance and can’t be purchased as a standalone cover. It’s also important to note that you are covered for the cost of your stock, not for the retail price of the items.

    Why is insuring your stock important?

    Stock insurance is important because it covers the cost of replacing your stock if your stock is destroyed due to an unforeseen circumstance. With no stock to trade and no insurance in place, your business could end up in a sticky situation.

    Please note: This covers only covers the cost of replacing damaged stock. Cover for financial costs lost due to your business’ inability to trade is covered under business interruption.

    No business owner likes to think of losing their stock due to events that aren’t under your control. This cover can cover the cost of replacing your stock if it is damaged in the following circumstances:

    • Flood
    • Fire
    • Theft
    • Malicious damage
    • Accidental damage

    What am I covered for?

    What’s covered:

    • Loss or destruction of stock due to physical damage
    • Fire, lightning, or earthquakes
    • Explosions
    • Escape of water
    • Storms or floods
    • Theft or attempted theft where there has been forced entry or threat of violence
    • Accidental damage occurring at your premise

    What’s not covered:

    • Damaged caused by general wear and tear based on everyday use
    • Excludes damage caused by a burst boiler
    • Damage caused by:

        • Changes in the water table level
        • Frost, subsidence, ground heave or landslip
        • Moveable property in the open
    • Excludes damage to empty areas of the building
    • Variable excesses depending on locality
    • Shoplifting
    • Damage to any property insured in any building which is empty
    • Damage caused by your employees, tenants, or any other person lawfully on your premises
    • General wear and tear

    Please consult your policy documents for a full list of exclusions

    What is a seasonal cover increase?

    Seasonal increase cover is a period of time during your time insured where you will get a higher level of cover. This happens at the following times during your cover:

    1. 30% during the months of November and December
    2. 30% for 14 days before and 14 days after a bank holiday if it does not fall within the period in 1 above

    However, you also have the option to amend these dates to dates that better suit your business.

      What is high risk stock? Am I covered for this?

      High risk stock refers to items of stock that are more attractive for theft. However, this can vary slightly if your occupation is considered high risk.

      For example: You own a small shop that sells groceries, snacks, and everyday household items, but you also sell alcohol and cigarettes. In this case, your stock of alcohol and cigarettes would be considered high risk. This is because alcohol and cigarettes are a much higher risk for theft than everyday groceries.

      However, if you own a store that only sells electrical goods such as phones, tablet, smart devices etc – then all of this stock is considered valuable and therefore none of your items are likely to be a higher risk for theft than the others.

        How much does cover for my stock cost?

        Cover for you stock is included as part of our contents insurance cover that can be added to your business insurance package. Business insurance for AXA customers costs, on average, £6.79*** a month.

        To find out how much your policy will cost you can get a quote using the button below. Get your quote online and save 10%4 off the cost of your policy.

        Get a business insurance quote

          What factors affect the cost of my policy?

          • Your occupation can affect the cost of your insurance because, for example, retailers that sell more valuable items are a higher risk for theft
          • How many staff you have will affect your premium as more employees opens to up to more possibilities of claims resulting in negligence or accidental injury.
          • Your turnover affects your policy price as a higher turnover suggests that you work with a large volume of clients, expensive contracts, or a combination of both. This means your risk factor for an insurer is higher.

          Can I insure my contents and stock on the go?

          When you run a business, it’s likely you’ll need to transport your stock to and from different locations on occasions. With your contents cove you are covered for a temporary removal cost which allows you to take up to 10% of your stock off your premises. You’re also covered for exhibitions, shows, markets etc as standard.

          You have the option to also add goods in transit as an optional extra to your policy.

          With goods and transit cover you are protected for the same instances as your contents insurance while you’re on the move with your stock or delivering items to your customer, provided you’re still within the United Kingdom or the Republic of Ireland.

          Please note: This cover extends only to your goods whilst in transit and not to the vehicle used to transport them. If you need to cover a van used for your business then you can check out our Van insurance page for more details on the cover we offer.

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            *Depending on your occupation, we offer cover for high-risk stock.

            **Deterioration of stock is dependent on your occupation. Please check policy documents for requirements.

            ***10% of our customers paid from £6.79 for ten months between January and March 2024 after an initial deposit. Interest applicable. For more details see our terms & conditions.

            4This discount is applied automatically and lasts for the lifetime of your policy.