When it comes to any kind of insurance, there can often be a lot of jargon accompanying it. When it comes to car insurance, a term you might hear about is 'legal cover'.

Having an understanding of the kind of add-ons – optional extras on top of your standard insurance – can help with your peace of mind. At AXA, we want you to be as confident as possible with any policy.

Below we look at what legal cover with car insurance is, whether you need it and if it's worth getting.

Car insurance legal cover is a common add-on to a standard car insurance policy covering legal costs. If you have to appoint a solicitor to recover any uninsured losses from the person responsible for the accident, it covers the solicitor's fee.

Simply put, it's another level of protection available to you if you're involved in an accident that wasn't your fault. You'll be able to make a claim against another driver without worrying about any legal costs.

With AXA, you can add legal cover to your car insurance policy, and you'll be covered for up to £100,000 in legal fees. This means you'll be able to get back any uninsured losses from the person at fault. This cover also includes motoring prosecution defence, which helps you with the costs to defend prosecutions for motoring offences while using your car.

As above, the legal cover helps with costs relating to claims rather than the claims themselves. So, standard car insurance covers the costs of repairing the car, but legal cover goes beyond this.

If you weren't at fault, there are a number of ways legal cover benefits you. It can help recover losses such as:

  • Your excess on your car insurance policy for making a claim
  • Loss of earnings if you're left unable to work
  • Additional transport costs
  • Medical expenses for you or any of your passengers
  • Further costs to your car if you don't have comprehensive car insurance

These are the kind of things that you might not immediately think of if you're in an accident, and with legal cover, you won't have to worry about them.

No one ever wants to be in an accident, never mind being out of pocket as a result. Making sure the car gets repaired or replaced is one thing, but, as we know, there might be further complications.

Legal cover for your car insurance is an optional extra, and isn't a legal requirement like standard car insurance.

Accidents are stressful enough as it is, and losing out on additional expenses, as a result, can make things more difficult.

So, while it isn't compulsory, having legal cover in place can go a long way in protecting you against unforeseen costs, and worry.

One less thing to worry about

A car accident can bring stress and even personal injury. You don't need more to worry about with unexpected and unwanted financial losses. At AXA, we want to make sure this doesn't happen.

With our optional legal cover available to add to your car insurance policy, we can help recover your excess cost and provide up to £100,000 in legal fees.