Car insurance optional extras


With so many car insurance companies to choose from, finding the right cover for your individual needs is essential. You can choose from a range of optional extras to suit your personal circumstances:

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Breakdown cover

Make sure that you and your family are kept safe and aren't left stranded by the roadside with one of our breakdown products.

Choose from:

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Up to £100,000 in legal fees for our approved solicitors to get back uninsured losses from the person we can prove was responsible for an accident you were involved in.

If you were not at fault, legal cover could recover your excess, additional transport costs and earnings lost because of the accident, plus pay your medical expenses and help you get compensation for injuries.

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Personal Injury

Personal injury and rehabilitation

With AXA's improved personal injury and rehabilitation cover, you can rely on up to £100,000 if you are injured in your car - even if the accident was your fault. It's valuable financial support which could make a big difference to you and your family.

What's more, we can provide specialist medical care and rehabilitation to help you return to health following injury. Physiotherapy, MRI scans and chiropractic treatments are just a few of the services our experts could arrange to put you on the road to recovery.

Even the safest drivers don't know what's around the corner, so it's reassuring to know you're taking extra care, just in case.

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Courtesy car cover

For our AXA Car Insurance customers only, you can add courtesy car cover, meaning we'll help you to get back on the road with a small courtesy car when you make a valid claim.

Courtesy car

Courtesy car upgrade

For AXA Plus Car Insurance customers only, you can upgrade your courtesy car from a small car to one that's a similar size to your own. So if you drive a 7-seater, we'll try our best to make sure you get a 7-seater courtesy car while yours is being repaired, giving you one less thing to think about.

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Cover to protect your No Claims Discount

It can take a lot of skill and safe driving to earn a No Claims Discount, so it would be a shame for one little mistake to cost you the rewards you've built up.

Adding No Claims Discount protection to your car insurance will allow you to have one claim in a year or two claims in a three year period without affecting your No Claims Discount.

With AXA you can earn up to 20 years' No Claims Discount, so protecting it is the easy way to keep all your years safe.