Commercial property comes in all shapes and sizes

And so does AXA’s commercial landlord insurance.

With our commercial landlord cover you’ll benefit from all the same advantages of our residential landlord policy – such as property owner’s liability cover and cover for up 10 properties on one policy – plus a range of additional covers that you can choose from.

If you’re letting out your property for residential tenants, make sure you check out our residential landlord insurance.

What does commercial landlord insurance cover?

  • Protection for bricks and mortar buildings
  • Cover up to 10 different properties on the same policy
  • Property owners’ liability as standard with cover levels up to £10 million
  • 24-hour glass replacement service for broken windows, doors and partitions
  • Key replacement services for lost or stolen keys
  • Underground pipe and cable cover
  • Trace and access to find the source of leaking pipes on the property
  • Re-housing any residential tenants if your property can’t be accessed or lived in due to damage

If you’d like to know the ins and outs of your cover, you can view our full policy documents for more details.

Do commercial landlords need insurance?

While commercial landlord insurance isn’t a legal requirement, property is a huge investment, so it’s recommended that you protect it. Additionally, commercial landlord insurance may be a pre-requisite from your mortgage provider.

Home insurance won’t cover any issues that arise from a property that’s rented out for residential or commercial purposes. So, here are a few reasons why you might want to consider commercial landlord insurance.

  • Damage may be caused to your property that will be costly to repair without cover
  • Some mortgage providers may request that you have insurance
  • If the property you rent is inside a larger building – such as a single shop inside a larger shopping centre - the building owner or manager may require insurance
  • Local authorities might require business or property owners in their areas to have cover

How much does commercial landlord insurance cost?

Generally, the cost of a policy depends on several factors. For example:

  • The type of property you’re letting out
  • When the property was built
  • Where the property is located
  • The type of business that will be occupying the property

Your premium will be based on what you tell us about your property when you get a quote. So, to get an accurate price make sure the details you give us are as accurate as possible.

What types of insurance should commercial landlords consider?

As well as a standard landlord policy, commercial landlords may want to consider the following covers. Combining our core covers with the additional covers you might need is the easiest way to tailor a policy to your needs.

Buildings insurance to cover the cost of any physical damage that may come to the buildings you own.

Landlord contents of up to £75,000 to help you cover the costs of replacing any furnishings, fixtures or fittings in your property that might end up damaged by tenants.

Loss of rent to make sure you’re cover for any money you lose if the property becomes unliveable due to events such as fire or flood. We’ll cover your loss of income if your tenants need to be rehoused in these cases, too.

Every landlord is different, so the cover you need will be different too. When you get a quote online you can tailor your policy with the covers and levels that suit, or you can get in touch if you need to speak to an advisor.

How much commercial landlord insurance do I need?

The level of insurance coverage you’ll need depends on your property and what you want to be covered for. At AXA we understand that your cover is unique to you, so get a quote now to see how we can help you protect what matters most.

Who is responsible for commercial building insurance - the landlord or tenant?

It is the responsibility of the landlord or property owner to arrange any commercial insurances needed to protect them in the event of a claim. This includes landlord insurance to cover the bricks and mortar building, and contents insurance to protect the items that are supplied by the landlord. For example, things like build in bar units that are part of the building.

Additional covers

Commercial properties come in all shapes and sizes – and your protection needs will depend on your property's location and the type of work your tenants are involved in.

That’s why you can add any of the following covers when you get a quote:

Accidental damage cover

Covers your property's structure, floors and fittings, for example if a tenant accidentally spills wine on your carpet or water enters into your property if your roof leaks unexpectedly.

Contents cover

If you've provided your tenants with fixtures and fittings, shelving or racking, you can boost your protection with up to £50,000 worth of contents insurance.

Loss of rental income

If your rental property is empty as a result of accidental fire, flooding or damage, you may be able to claim back the loss of rent. It does not cover loss of income if your tenants don't pay their rent.

Subsidence, ground heave and landslip cover

Engineers’ fees and repair costs for properties damaged by subsidence can soon add up – but you can rest easy if you take this optional cover (which is a requirement of some mortgages).

Looking for insurance for your residential property instead?

Policy documents

Make sure you have all the information you need before taking out a commercial landlord policy.

Residential Landlord Insurance

Protect your rental property in minutes with £10m property owners’ liability cover for up to 10 properties.

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