What is MultiCar insurance?

If we insure a car at your home address already, you could get 15%1 off car insurance for all the other cars registered there, helping you and your family save money. You won't find this offer on any price comparison site, so why not come direct to AXA and see how much you could save today with our MultiCar discount?

How do I get the AXA MultiCar discount?

Existing customers

  • First, get a car insurance quote direct from AXA.
  • We’ll ask you if another car at your home address is already insured with AXA.
  • Answer ‘Yes’ and tell us the number plate of the car we already cover.
  • We’ll give you 15% off1 your car insurance quote as long as the registration matches a car we insure already at your address.

What AXA MultiCar insurance gives you

If we already insure one car at your home address, you can apply for our multicar insurance discount – a 15% discount on each quote - for all the other cars registered there, with each having a separate policy. This helps keep things simple, so you don't need to worry about sharing the same certificate or renewal dates. It's our way to help responsible drivers take good care of their families.

Also, AXA Plus Comprehensive Car Insurance includes exciting new features such as our uninsured driver promise2, 90-day European cover, wrong fuel cover3 and child car seat cover. See policy wording for full details.

Policy terms, conditions, exclusions, limitations and eligibility criteria apply.

Family insurance with AXA Multicar

AXA’s multicar insurance is perfect for families with more than one car at home – saving you time and money. Each family member can save 15% on their car insurance policy with AXA. But it’s not all about saving money – we’ve also made it easy to manage your policy. Each policyholder will be able to manage their cover with us from their own online account. So, rather than jumping from provider to provider, you can get the whole family together with AXA.

Can I insure two cars in one name?

Yes, if you own two cars which are registered at the same address you could insure them both with AXA – and, once we cover one of them, you can benefit from the multicar insurance discount on the second car.

Is MultiCar cheaper?

If you already insure a car with us, you will be eligible for a discount on any subsequent insurance policies at the same address. This means any subsequent insurance policies will be cheaper than if you insured them separately.

Plus, we could help you use your No Claims Discount (NCD) on both cars, to save you even more.

What you need for a MultiCar insurance quote

To be eligible for our MultiCar discount, you must already insure a car with AXA. So if you want to insure two cars and benefit from a multicar discount, all you need to do is take out your first policy with AXA, and you can apply the discount to the second policy. To get a quote, all you need is:

  • Details of the car including registration, make and model
  • Details of all drivers including name, date of birth, plus details of any insurance claims and driving convictions

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Frequently Asked Questions

1 MultiCar discount of 15% is only available when insuring cars registered at the same address as a car already insured by AXA. Discount does not apply to optional extras. Offer applies to new policies only, valid for the first year of cover. Offer may be withdrawn at any time.

2 You will need to provide the make, model and registration number of the other car in the event of a claim. Applies when you are not to blame.

3 For petrol and diesel misfuelling within the UK.