Crafts insurance

What are arts and craft businesses?

Arts and crafts businesses come in a wide variety of types. Whether you’re making customer art prints, creating candles, soaps, or designing custom items for a client – your art provides joy to your customers. Creating art takes time, passion, and skill and we’re here to make sure your hard work is protected, no matter what type of art you create.

What is crafts insurance from AXA?

You’re a maker of beautiful things. And an independent one at that. Each piece you offer is made with skill, passion, and creativity. It’s this drive that makes your products unique, and we’re here to make sure your insurance is just as unique as your business. 

Protecting your crafts business with AXA will allow you the covers you need, such as public liability, employers’ liability, or contents insurance. You can purchase these either on their own or combined with others. You can also choose which optional extras you want, and the levels of cover you need. 

So, whether you sell your work online or in person, work alone or with others, we’ve got your back.

Why do I need business insurance for my crafts business? 

It’s perfect for makers who sell their products to boutiques or gift-shops and will help protect your business if something goes wrong.

What if someone injures themselves visiting your studio or trips over something at your market stall? Public liability cover will help protect you against claims made by members of the public – while employers’ liability covers you if a staff member gets hurt as a result of working for you. Our comprehensive contents cover will protect your studio, equipment and materials if they get damaged or stolen.

If a claim is made against you, you stand to lose more than just the cost of compensation. You’ll also lose the cost of production downtime due to damaged equipment and stock, loss of customers due to delays and possible damage to your reputation.

Does AXA offer business insurance for craft stalls or craft fairs?

Yes, we offer a range of covers that will help protect your business if you’re selling at craft markets or fairs. We can offer a small extension on your contents insurance, in regard to exhibition and fairs. And if you sell at market stalls, we can help you protect your goods when they’re on display or in transit, and our public liability cover will protect you against third party damage or injury.

If you’re employing volunteers or staff members in the manufacture of your products or to help you sell at fairs, you’re legally obliged to have employers’ liability insurance to cover them.

How much does cradt insurance cost?

Everything you make is one-of-a-kind, and your insurance cost will be too. How much your cover will cost can vary depending on various factors, including;

  • Where you work
  • What you make and sell
  • If you have any employees
  • The tools and/or equipment you have
  • Which covers you have chosen
  • Any optional extras you have added to your policy

The easiest way to find out how much business insurance costs is to get a quote online – and if you like what you see, you’ll get a 10%* discount for buying online through our website.

Do I need public liability insurance for my craft fair or stall?

Maybe you’re a maker – an artist, knitter or a jewellery maker. If you’re running a craft fair as a market trader, you’re also working a lot with the public – and accidents can happen.

Public liability insurance can help protect your business in case of third-party injury or damage, maybe caused by a trip or slip over your stall, or injury caused by one of your products. If you don’t think you could handle the pay-out of compensation costs or legal fees as a result of a claim, then public liability insurance can help you manage the costs.

With public liability insurance, you’ll get:

  • Up to £5 million protection
  • Temporary staff covered for up to 50 days a year, free
  • Access to a 24-hour legal hotline

What type of craft businesses do we cover?

Every business is different, and we know that it’s important to have the right protection for yours. At AXA we offer protection for a variety of different types of crafts business so the easiest way to find out whether we can offer you cover is to get a quote.


What covers can I choose from?

Select from the covers below and choose the package that fits your business.

Public liability insurance

Protect your business against third party damage and injury.

Find out more about public liability insurance

Employers’ liability insurance

Protect staff and volunteers in case of injury.

Find out more about employers liability insurance

Contents cover

Keep your studio, equipment and stock safe at the studio, market or on the road.

Find out more about contents insurance

Van insurance

If you use a van to move supplies around or deliver to customers, this can protect you.

Find out more about van insurance

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*This discount is applied automatically and lasts for the lifetime of your policy.