Allowable expenses for limited companies

Finance and legal

14 May 2021

Here’s what your limited company is allowed to claim as expenses

A personal trainer working with their client
Personal Trainer Allowable Expenses

Finance and legal

20 June 2022

We’ve made it easy to understand allowable expenses and maximise your earnings.

Retail and Shop Owner Allowable Expenses

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1 June 2022

Our easy guide explains allowable expenses to help you save more on tax.

The Importance of Business Credit Scores

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23 May 2022

Learn more about how a good business credit score can help your startup grow.

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An Employer's Guide to P60s

Finance and legal

12 April 2022

We’ve created a helpful guide covering the main facts about how P60s work.

Abigail Butler, AXA Customer, shampooing a client's hair
Allowable Expenses for Hairdressers

Finance and legal

22 March 2022

Don’t pay more tax than you have to. Learn more about allowable expenses.

The pros and cons of becoming a landlord for your second property

Finance and legal

15 March 2022

Whether to rent or sell a second property can be a big decision. Read AXA's guide to the pros and cons of having a second home to understand your options.

Someone calculating their business expenses.
National Insurance Rise & Small Business

Finance and legal

4 March 2022

A guide to National Insurance and preparing for the cost of having employees.

National Living Wage increases explained

Finance and legal

1 March 2022

What's changing with the National Living Wage for businesses?

AXA customer, Bryony, doing her allowable expenses paperwork
Allowable Expenses for Gardeners

Finance and legal

5 January 2022

Don’t overpay on your taxes. Read our guide to allowable expenses.

VAT explained for small businesses

Finance and legal

31 December 2021

Should I register for VAT? What’s the VAT threshold for small business? AXA’s small business VAT guide explains more.

A man at his office desk writing in a notebook
IR35 legislation: the facts

Finance and legal

15 December 2021

Struggling to get to grips with IR35? AXA explains what the UK tax legislation is and what it means for you.

A landlord's guide to the breathing space debt respite scheme

Finance and legal

16 November 2021

As a landlord, it’s important to understand the Debt Respite Scheme so you know what to do if one of your tenants receives a Breathing Space.

Man paying for items while wearing a face mask
What is cash flow? A guide for small business

Finance and legal

17 August 2021

Everything your small business needs to know about cash flow, including tips and advice for good cash flow management.

Making tax digital
How does HMRC’s new tax penalty points-based system work?

Finance and legal

27 July 2021

HMRC’s new points-based system for tax penalties will change the way self-employed taxpayers are penalised for late filling and late payment.

European Union member state flags
New EU VAT rules explained: e-commerce regulations for trading in the EU

Finance and legal

8 July 2021

The EU’s VAT rules changed on 1 July 2021. AXA explains what the new VAT e-commerce rules mean for small businesses in the UK.

Self-employed tax changes for 2021/22

Finance and legal

24 June 2021

From the updated self-employed tax threshold to the new points-based penalty system, this article explains everything you need to know about changes to self-employed tax for 2021/22.

A consultant looks up from her laptop.
What is a personal service company? (PSC)

Finance and legal

18 June 2021

AXA explains everything you need to know about personal service companies. Including what it means in the context of the new IR35 rules.

How is corporation tax paid? Guide for business 2021

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16 June 2021

AXA’s guide explains everything a small business owner needs to know about corporation tax.