Shipping containers stacked on top of one another.
Post-Brexit Import/Export Guide

Transport and logistics

6 December 2021

Stay on top of changes to the rules for moving goods between the EU and GB.

Three people in High Vis Vests in a warehouse, starting to stack boxes on a wooden pallet.
How to Handle Supply Chain Disruption

Transport and logistics

19 November 2021

Supply chain disruption can be a big business risk. Find out how to prepare for it.

How to import and export after Brexit

Transport and logistics

2 January 2021

After Brexit, new rules will change the way your business trades with the EU.

London’s Ultra-Low Emission Zone: what you need to know

Transport and logistics

14 October 2018

Learn how the Government’s latest step in reducing London’s air pollution could affect your business.

How criminals are breaking into vans

Transport and logistics

21 September 2018

Here's three new ways criminals can break into your van – and how to stop them.

day in the life of a van driver
A Day In The Life Of A Van Driver

Transport and logistics

13 August 2018

A day in the life of a van driver isn’t always an easy ride. AXA reveals how to manage some common driver complaints: stress, strain and fatigue.

Van Quiz
Are You Up To Speed With Road Traffic Law?

Transport and logistics

10 June 2018

The rules of the road for drivers are changing. Think you're up to speed with traffic law? Take AXA's road rules quiz and find out.

How to prepare your van for the new MOT

Transport and logistics

4 May 2018

New MOT tests are coming into force, so here's what your business needs to know

Five essential apps for van drivers
Van security: Keep your van and its content safe from theft

Transport and logistics

14 March 2018

With a van being broken into every 23 minutes in the UK, your vehicle security is paramount. Read AXA’s tips on theft-proofing your van and its contents.

guide to selling a van
The guide to selling your van

Transport and logistics

13 February 2018

Buying a new van is a key moment for any business, but selling your old van is just as crucial. Here's AXA's guide to getting the value out of your van.

New UK speeding fine laws explained

Transport and logistics

11 October 2017

A guide to the new speeding fine rules and how you could affected

Your guide to van finance options

Transport and logistics

24 July 2017

Financing a new van for your business means asking yourself: to hire or to buy?

tileEssential apps for van drivers5ed3_tile_final_final.jpg
Five essential apps for van drivers

Transport and logistics

26 June 2017

Need to keep your van running smoothly? There's an app for that...

What to check before buying a used van

Transport and logistics

28 September 2016

How to make sure you're buying a used van that's good as new

Repetitive strain injury from driving?

Transport and logistics

1 April 2016

Here’s what you need to know about a less-common driving injury: RSI.