How to build a winning team

Managing people

20 February 2024

Is it skill? Passion? Hard work? Team spirit? Or a mix of all these things and more? To find out what it takes to build a winning team, we thought we’d speak to the expert.

How to measure employee satisfaction

Managing people

30 May 2023

To keep good staff in the right roles, gauging employee satisfaction is crucial

A person with Down Syndrome working in a bakery
Disability Inclusion for Small Business

Managing people

23 January 2023

Find out how you can build better businesses practices without breaking the bank.

How to motivate your sales teams

Managing people

9 January 2023

What’s the best commission structure to get the best out of your sales staff?

How to boost your recruitment strategy

Managing people

24 November 2022

Here’s five ways to make sure your SME is recruiting the very best

A group of coworkers sitting in a circle at an office - talking and laughing
Employee Onboarding for Small Businesses

Managing people

1 September 2022

Having a plan will help you and your new employee navigate the first few weeks.

Hands resting over a piece of paperwork as the fill it out.
A Short Guide to P45 Forms

Managing people

12 July 2022

A short guide to your responsibilities around the P45 form as an employer.

Why apprenticeships work for businesses

Managing people

28 January 2022

From skills to ideas, apprentices can bring big benefits to small businesses.

AXA Customer, Bryony, working in a garden
Landscaping Business Accreditation

Managing people

10 January 2022

There’s many industry accreditations that can help your reputation, but is it worthwhile?

Hiring An Intern: Insight For Small Business

Growth and strategy

5 October 2021

AXA’s marketing intern, Olly Buckley, shares some insight for small businesses who are thinking about taking on an intern.

Guide to contracts
Small business guide to employment contracts

Managing people

23 April 2020

AXA’s guide will help small business owners understand the different types of employment contracts. Read more.

Improve your workplace productivity

Managing people

5 October 2017

Is technology and wellbeing the answer to a more productive workforce?

Ten self-employed time-management tips

Managing people

24 July 2017

Being self-employed means managing your time to keep those plates spinning

How to go on call properly at Christmas

Managing people

19 December 2016

Here's how to go on call without cancelling Christmas this year

Should you take on a summer intern?

Managing people

14 October 2016

If summer is a busy time for your business, an intern could be the solution

How can accreditation help your career?

Managing people

25 August 2016

Four ways that accreditation could boost your reputation and your career.

Could outsourcing help your business?

Managing people

1 August 2016

Your business wants to save time and money, so is outsourcing the way to go?

What to know before hiring an employee

Managing people

1 August 2016

Here's four things to check before making the step of hiring your first employee