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How to achieve your business goals

Jordan Kevan, LFCW Performance Analyst, gives his insights on achieving a goal.

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How does a winning team achieve their goals?

How do you know where to begin with goal setting? How do you know what’s achievable and what isn’t? How do you keep on track if your goals are more difficult to reach than you first thought?

To find out what it takes to set a goal and achieve it, we thought we’d speak to the expert.

Jordan Kevan, Liverpool FC Women Performance Analyst, is tasked with analysing and reporting on opposition tactics and on-pitch analysis to help improve the team’s performance.

As the official training partner to Liverpool Football Club, AXA spoke to Jordan to find out what your small business can learn from LFC and how he helps Liverpool FC Women to achieve their goals.

How to define your goals

“Have clear roles and responsibilities, and having conversations not just within the department but with the coaches, the players. What do they expect from us? What can we give them?”

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For Jordan and the team at LFCW, defining your goals actually starts at the finish line.

When defining your goals from the outset, start by looking at where you want to get to in the end, and work backwards. This will help you understand what you want to achieve and how to get there.

To then achieve that goal, you need clear roles and responsibilities. Who is doing what? What do the players need from us? What can we expect from them? Communication is key.

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Bouncing back when you don’t achieve your goals

“As much as you celebrate your wins, it’s important to note what went wrong that led to a setback. But I try to celebrate the little wins along the way. Then when the big wins come you can look back and see the sacrifices you’ve made.”

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According to Jordan, the key to not letting the setbacks get the better of you is to celebrate the little wins along the way and acknowledge the sacrifices which were necessary to get you where you are.

Be honest with yourself from the outset. Understand that things won’t always go according to plan, there will be setbacks. That way, you won’t be too caught off guard when the inevitable setbacks do come along.

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How to keep team morale up

“When we get off track it can be quite tough. But we have to keep acting, working and leading with passion. We have to keep believing in what we’re doing.”

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When the going gets tough, it’s your passion which keeps you going.

While a setback can lead to slumped shoulders and a loss of motivation, you have to rely on your passion to keep you moving forward. Believe in what you’re doing. Go back to what made you start your small business in the first place. Rediscovering your original passion can help you through the setbacks and keep your morale up in the face of some tough times.

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So how do you achieve a goal?

Hard work, communication and above all, passion.

For your small business, consider some of Jordan’s advice when setting our your goals and working on a plan to achieve them. Be honest with yourself. Set out responsibilities early. And when things get tough, remember to lead, act and behave with passion for what you do.

Keep these tips in mind and your team could be achieving as many goals as Liverpool Football Club.

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