Who are InSync?

Insync Insurance* are an insurance broker we work in partnership with who are there to help those customers who might need protection that AXA doesn’t currently offer. They specialise in businesses like yours and work with a range of different insurers to get you the cover you require. So, you can rest assured your business is in good hands.

Who is classified as an educational consultant?

An educational consultant fulfils many roles, but for the most part it is your job to advise students, their parents, and schools with educational decisions. Here are a few examples of work an educational consultant might do:

  • Advice for what classes to take to help you on your future career path
  • Helping schools develop curriculums for children with learning difficulties
  • Helping schools be compliant with any changes in educational laws
  • Providing advice on changes to exam criteria and process
  • Advising on education processes such as higher education applications, personal statements etc

Whatever your skillset, students of all ages and education establishments look to you to help them make the right choices for their futures.

Why do educational consultants need insurance?

One of the main responsibilities of an educational consultant is to provide assistance and advice to students, schools and other educational bodies. With that comes a lot of responsibly, so it’s important that you’re covered if someone takes your advice and things go sour.

What would you do the advice you provide leads a school to make changes that results in poor outcomes their students? Or if an education establishment isn’t compliant with new laws after taking your advice? Would it be worth the risk if they chose to sue, and it resulted in a loss of income?

What types of insurance do educational consultants need?

There are several types of business insurance that would be beneficial for an educational consultant.

First and foremost is professional indemnity insurance. This insurance is critical for businesses like yours that give advice to people that could change the course of their careers. It will protect you against the repercussions of bad advice.

You might also want to consider public liability insurance. Consultancy work comes with a lot of meetings, and accidents can happen anywhere. If a client were to slip on a wet floor I your office, or trip over a loose wire from your laptop, you could end up in hot water.

Business equipment insurance might also come in handy if you rely on a lot of files and folder about your students and their choice. Or, if you prefer to work digitally, you can protect the laptop or tablet that keeps business running smoothly.

How much does business insurance for educational consultants’ cost?

This depends on a few things such as the type of work you do, how many employees (if any) you have, where you work, the covers you choose and the level of cover. No two businesses have business insurance that is the same, that’s what makes every business unique.

The quickest and easiest way to find out exactly what you’re likely to pay for cover is to get a quote. That way you can see exactly what you’re likely to pay based on your business’ needs.


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