Landlord advice

Fire safety regulations for UK landlords


29 September 2023

AXA explains your fire safety responsibilities in different parts of the UK.

Investment property companies


25 September 2023

With many landlords looking at buying multiple properties to rent out it is important they understand their options are.

A guide to landlord allowable expenses


14 July 2023

Find out what landlord allowable expenses you can claim and protect your Self-Assessment rental income and only paying what you owe.

What is an HMO?


4 July 2023

With changes on the way to houses in multiple occupation, AXA outlines what the new HMO rules in England might mean for you.

Dealing with rent arrears: What help is there for landlords?


7 June 2023

With the cost of living on the rise, there is a potential that more renters will fall behind on their rent payments. As a landlord that may rely on rental income to meet your needs, this can have a big impact on your livelihood.

A landlords guide to sitting tenants & their rights


12 May 2023

If you’re looking to buy or sell a property that currently has tenants in it, it’s important that you understand what rights they have before making a deal.

Private landlord or letting agent
Should I be a private landlord or use a letting agent?


6 March 2023

Weighing up renting a property privately or through a letting agency? Here, AXA run through the pros and cons of each, and chats to landlords in the know.

What are guarantors?


17 January 2023

If you’re a landlord looking for some security when taking on a tenant, this guide will cover the ins and outs of requiring tenants to provide a guarantor.

Should you rent your property furnished or unfurnished?


18 October 2022

Should you rent your property furnished or unfurnished?

The Guide To Becoming A Commercial Landlord


17 August 2022

Thinking of becoming a commercial landlord? AXA's guide will run down the ins and outs of letting out commercial properties.