Landlord advice

How to end a tenancy agreement

Landlord Advice

26 April 2019

Learn about the rules and regulations that landlords and tenants need to follow when ending a tenancy agreement.

Tenancy agreements explained

Landlord Advice

24 April 2019

How tenancy agreements can help keep the landlord-tenant relationship happy.

Landlord legislation to look out for in 2019
Landlord legislation to look out for in 2019

Landlord Advice

31 March 2019

Stay one step ahead by looking out for these landlord legislation changes in 2019.

Tax relief changes
Landlord Tax Relief Changes Explained

Landlord Advice

29 March 2019

Buy-to-let tax relief rules for UK landlords are changing & some landlords could pay more. AXA explain the changes & explore how they could affect you.

faq buster
Landlord FAQ-buster

Landlord Advice

27 November 2018

From calculating tax to tenant deposit protection schemes, AXA answers some common questions you’ll encounter in your life as a landlord.

25 ways to give your life as a landlord less stress and more sparkle this Christmas

Landlord Advice

27 November 2018

AXA’s elves have rounded up 25 handy hints to reduce stress and make your Christmas a cracker.

A to Z of being a landlord
The A to Z of Being a Landlord

Landlord Advice

21 November 2018

Being a good landlord can be a full time job, so let AXA save you some legwork with our guide to some common landlord terms and jargon, from A to Z.

hidden costs
The hidden costs of being a landlord

Landlord Advice

13 November 2018

Landlords: how to expect (and plan for) the unexpected.

landlord access
Landlord access guide: how to inspect your rental property and keep your tenants happy

Landlord Advice

5 November 2018

Whether it’s to carry out routine inspections or perform emergency work, read AXA’s landlord access guide to stay within the law and keep tenants happy.