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A house and plot of land.
Capital Gains Tax for landlords 2020

Landlord Advice

7 April 2020

Confused about Capital Gains Tax and how it affects you as a landlord?

Tenants fee bill
Tenant Fees Ban: the need to knows

Landlord Advice

18 November 2019

Learn how updates to the legislation will impact your life as a landlord

Energy Performance Certificates: the facts

Landlord Advice

8 November 2019

Learn the ABCs of EPCs with our guide to everything you need to know as a landlord about energy performance certificates.

First time buyers
Stamp duty for landlords: the facts

Landlord Advice

7 November 2019

Stumped by stamp duty? Read AXA's guide to get up to speed with this land tax.

Advice for landlords as told by landlords
Advice for landlords, by landlords

Landlord Advice

5 September 2019

Landlords reveal their best tips and advice for being a good landlord.

Private landlord or letting agent
Should I be a private landlord or use a letting agent?

Landlord Advice

29 August 2019

Weighing up renting a property privately or through a letting agency? Here, AXA run through the pros and cons of each, and chats to landlords in the know.

How to end a tenancy agreement

Landlord Advice

26 April 2019

Learn about the rules and regulations that landlords and tenants need to follow when ending a tenancy agreement.

Tenancy agreements explained

Landlord Advice

24 April 2019

How tenancy agreements can help keep the landlord-tenant relationship happy.

Landlord legislation to look out for in 2019
Landlord legislation to look out for in 2019

Landlord Advice

31 March 2019

Stay one step ahead by looking out for these landlord legislation changes in 2019.