What does a handyman do?

No matter how you describe your job – handyman, property maintenance, jack-of-all-trades – you’re an expert in your profession. Your clients rely on you to keep things running smoothly for them. Whether that’s fixing a broken cabinet, changing a door, or putting up some new shelves, you’ve got the know how to get the job done.

Do you need handyman insurance?

Accidents can happen at any time – your job relies on them! Most of your working day is spent fixing things that have went wrong for your clients, so make sure your business is protected when things go wrong for you.

Your business is complex and hands on, so accidents can happen at any time. Business insurance is the best way to ensure that if an accident does happen, you’ll be covered if a claim arises.


What insurance do handymen need?

Every business is different and so are the covers they need. For a handyman, the main covers to consider would be;

Public liability insurance

This cover is designed to protect you from any third-party claims in the event of someone getting accidentally injured, or their property being damaged as a result of your work.

What would happen if you were putting up some new shelves for a client, and they tripped on a cable and got injured? Or the shelves collapsed and damaged the furniture below? Public liability insurance can protect you from these types of claims.

Tools insurance

There are 2 main types of tools insurance that we can offer you. Own plant tools and equipment will protect any tools that you own from accidental damage or theft when you’re working on a job. Whereas hired-in plant tools and equipment insurance will protect any tools that you have hired to complete job.

Business equipment insurance

Every business has equipment that is essential to the daily running of things. Whether that’s technical equipment (such as laptops, mobiles, or tablets) or more traditional equipment – we’ve got your back with our business equipment insurance.

Employers’ liability insurance

If you have anyone that you’re responsible for at your business – whether that’s full-time or part-time staff, volunteers or trainees – you’re legally obligated under the Employers’ Liability Act 1969 to have employer’s liability insurance. It’s there to protect your employees in case they fall ill or get accidental injured as a result of working for you.

How much is handyman insurance?

How much your policy costs will depend on a few factors, such as;

  • The type of work you do
  • If you have employees
  • The types and levels of cover you choose
  • Your risk level

Of course, no two businesses are built the same – and neither is their insurance policy. So, the easiest way to find out what you are likely pay for cover is to get a quote. It’s quick, easy, and can be done online in a matter of minute. Plus, get your quote online and save 10%* on the cost of your policy.

What does handyman insurance cover?

Handyman insurance covers you for a variety of eventualities. For example;

  • Public liability will cover you in case a client trips over your tools and gets accidentally injured
  • Tools insurance can help towards the cost of repairing or replacing damaged or stolen tools
  • Business equipment insurance has got your back when your essential equipment fails you
  • Employers’ liability will make sure you can cover things if an employee gets injured or falls work as a result of working for you

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