Mobile hairdresser insurance

What is mobile hairdresser insurance?

You take pride in the cuts you create, and delight in seeing client transformations. You work to your own beat, travelling to and from client homes and event venues, taking your tongs on the road.

And while you might not be tied to a particular base, it’s as important you take care of your business as it would be if you owned premises or a salon.

Business insurance for mobile hairdressers offers protection that’ll help preserve what you’re working for.

What does mobile hairdresser insurance cover?

No matter how careful you are with the scissors, accidents happen— and that means hefty compensation claims can happen too. With our business insurance, you can tailor your cover as your company grows.

AXA let you style your insurance to meet your needs. Select covers to suit you and build a policy that protects your work, employees if you have any, and any specialist equipment you have.

And the protection you need could be less expensive than you think.

Am I covered if I work in a salon as well as being mobile?

Maybe you’re a self-employed stylist who rents a chair in a salon for a couple of days a week. If you’re working for yourself, then it’s important that you – as a business, and individual – are covered for any possible damage or injury caused through your work.

With our scalable business insurance, you can take the insurance you need right now as a mobile hairdresser – and if things change when you move into new premises or open your own place, you can easily customise your cover to fit your changing needs.

If you’re a hairdresser who owns their own salon, take a look at our page on business insurance for hairdressers.

Is insurance required for all self-employed hairdressers and barbers?

Whilst not all types of insurance are legally required (except employers’ liability, which you must have if you have staff) – it’s prudent for companies to protect themselves by investing in it.

Being self-employed, you’re often spinning all of the plates on your own. But if someone makes a claim against you and you don’t have insurance, you may have to shoulder the cost of compensation and legal defence fees yourself, too. Which could be a real blow to your business.

We can cover your legal expenses following claims of injury and damage.

How much does it cost?

Just like every business is unique, their insurance should be too. The quickest way to find out your price? Get a quote online – it’ll only take a few minutes, and you’ll get a 10% discount if you buy through our website.

Are tools and hair products covered?

Yes. If you choose business equipment cover, we’ll help cover the tongs, straighteners and dryers you use to do your job – plus, we’ll offer cover for up to £2000 stock that you might have.

Am I covered if clients come to my home?

You can use your public liability insurance to protect your business against damage, destruction or injury.

And with this cover, you can protect your customers, but it’ll apply if you decide to open/build your own company.


What other types of insurance can I get?

Select from the covers below and build your own unique bundle of insurance:

Public liability insurance

Covers you for up to £5 million if a member of the public is accidentally injured or their property gets damaged while dealing with your business. Offers cover for legal defence costs and compensation, temporary staff covered for up to 50 days a year free and 24-hour legal advice hotline.

Find out more about public liability insurance

Van insurance

If you use a van to travel to photoshoots, weddings or fashion shows, you could be lost without it. Make sure you stay on the road with van cover that includes: doorstep repairs, a guaranteed courtesy van and your choice of optional extras.

Find out more about van insurance

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