What’s covered by professional indemnity insurance?

Cover against compensation payments and legal costs

Insure your business against compensation and legal costs with professional indemnity insurance.

Here’s what you’ll get with AXA’s professional indemnity insurance:

What it will cover:

What it doesn't cover:

  • Choice of cover levels (up to £5 million)
  • Paid defence costs – including solicitors’ fees and expert counsel
  • Paid compensation bills
  • Claims that arise due to advice, designs, specifications or mistakes your business has made, that result in financial loss to your clients
  • Up to £250 compensation per day for directors / partners / employed persons to attend court
  • Tailored policies to fit your IT, accountancy or recruitment business
  • Specialist policies available – for accountants and many more
  • Infringement of copyright/registered trademark claims – but an optional extra
  • Breach of confidentiality claims – but an optional extra

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Customise with add-on cover:


Breach of confidentiality

Unintentionally disclose sensitive information without your client’s consent? We’ll cover you for legal and compensation costs.


Protection from compensation claims and legal costs, if you’ve been accused of libel or slander in relation to your business.

Breach of copyright

Cover if a claim is made against you for unintentionally using someone’s intellectual property without permission.

Loss of documents

If documents in your care are lost or damaged, we’ll pay for the cost of replacing or restoring them.

Bodily injury (breach of professional duty)

Injury caused to someone who isn’t an employee, due to advice, design and specifications you’ve provided? We’ll cover you if a claim is made against you.

Dishonesty of employees

Civil liability claim made against your business because of fraud or dishonesty or staff? Get cover for legal and compensation costs.

Policy documents

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