What's covered?


What’s covered by AXA Professional Indemnity Insurance?

Make sure you get the protection that's right for you

With AXA Professional Indemnity Insurance, you get a choice of cover levels – up to £5 million – to insure your business against compensation payments and legal costs. But that’s not all you can choose.

You can also add on a number of optional covers to your policy, so you get exactly what you pay for. That way, you get the protection that's right for your business, not someone else’s.

Tailor your professional indemnity insurance with these optional extras

Breach of confidentiality

We’ll cover your legal fees and compensation payments if you unintentionally disclose sensitive information to a third party without your client’s consent.


Protect your business from the risk of compensation claims and legal costs if you’re accused of libel or slander because of something you’ve said or written.

Breach of copyright

We’ll cover your legal fees and compensation payments if a claim’s made against you for unintentionally using someone’s intellectual property without permission.

Loss of documents

If your own documents or documents in your care are lost or damaged, we’ll pay for the cost of replacing or restoring them.

Bodily injury (from breach of professional duty)

We’ll cover you if your business activity causes injury to anyone other than an employee and a claim’s made against you. Incidental injuries (like spilling hot water on someone) would normally be covered by public liability insurance.

Dishonesty of employees

If a civil liability claim is made against your business because of fraud or dishonesty by someone working for you, we’ll cover your legal and compensation costs.

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