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A mansion under a beautiful blue sky
Should you buy a leasehold property?

Home buying and selling

9 March 2022

Want to learn more about leasehold properties? Take a look at AXA’s guide and find out if they’re right for you.

An inspector looks at a ceiling that's collapsed with a woman
How to deal with a cowboy builder

Home maintenance

9 March 2022

Have you fallen foul to a cowboy builder? Read our guide on the steps you need to take if you’ve been ripped off.

Making an offer on a new home

Home buying and selling

27 January 2022

You've found your dream home, but now what? Read our informative article here on how to submit an offer and seal the deal.

Are solar panels right for me?

Heating and energy

20 December 2021

Thinking about going green? In this article we ask if solar panels are right for you.

Smart technology for your home

Home maintenance

13 December 2021

From lights controlled by your voice, to switching on the heating from your phone, find out how you can make your home smarter with smart technology.

How to protect your home from thieves

Home security

10 December 2021

As we approach that time of year when break-ins are at their highest, check out our top tips.

Is your outbuilding protected this winter?

Home maintenance

18 November 2021

If you have an outbuilding, such as a shed or summerhouse, the winter months can take their toll on them. Find out how to take care of them with AXA.

Fallen tree in front of a suburban house
Storm-proofing tips for the home

Home safety

17 November 2021

Come hail or high winds, stay calm with AXA's tips on how to keep your home safe when a storm hits.

Is your home ready for winter?

Home maintenance

10 November 2021

Make sure your home stays warm and cosy whatever the weather.