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Man and woman with estate agent outside home
How to sell a house

Tips & guides

21 September 2020

Ready to sell your house? Make sure you’ve got everything sorted with our 15-step guide.

Female estate agent showing couple into a property
Questions to ask when viewing a house

Tips & guides

16 September 2020

Buying a house is a big deal. Make sure you’re asking the right questions with our guide.

Modern living room with glass table, white sofa and television
The complete guide to personal possessions cover

Home insurance

25 August 2020

Your contents insurance will keep your valuables safe in the home, but what cover do you need while you’re on the move?

Man wearing blue baseball cap, a red t-shirt, and white overalls, holding a roller while painting a room
How to carry out home maintenance during and after lockdown

Home maintenance

27 July 2020

If you still need maintenance done on your home during or even after lockdown, find out how to carry out these tasks safely, how to social distance at home and what is considered an essential repair.

How to fix a blocked or broken gutter

Tips & guides

8 November 2019

Whether you have cast iron, plastic, or pressed steel gutters, they need to be cleaned annually in order to keep them performing properly.

Man up a ladder outside a house with a sold sign in its front graden
A guide to buying your first home

Tips & guides

4 November 2019

Looking to get on the property ladder but not sure where to begin? Get on the right foot with AXA’s 10 step guide to buying your first home.

Bungalow with elderly man in front garden
Protecting your home in the summer months

Tips & guides

31 July 2019

From weatherproofing to home security, AXA reveals how to protect your property in the summer months.

Black mould against a white wall
How to get rid of mould for good

Tips & guides

4 July 2019

Wondering how to get rid of mould? AXA talks you through the various types, causes and long-term solutions to help keep your home mould-free.

How to protect your home from freezing winter weather

Tips & guides

31 January 2019

Protecting your home in winter can be tricky. Keep your cool with AXA’s guide on making your home safe and warm as the big winter freeze bites.