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Man up a ladder outside a house with a sold sign in its front graden
A guide to buying your first home

Home buying

4 November 2019

Looking to get on the property ladder but not sure where to begin? Get on the right foot with AXA’s 10 step guide to buying your first home.

Bungalow with elderly man in front garden
Protecting your home in the summer months

Tips & guides

31 July 2019

From weatherproofing to home security, AXA reveals how to protect your property in the summer months.

Black mould against a white wall
How to get rid of mould for good

Tips & guides

4 July 2019

Wondering how to get rid of mould? AXA talks you through the various types, causes and long-term solutions to help keep your home mould-free.

How to protect your home from freezing winter weather

Tips & guides

31 January 2019

Protecting your home in winter can be tricky. Keep your cool with AXA’s guide on making your home safe and warm as the big winter freeze bites.

How To Protect Your Home From High Winds

Tips & guides

31 January 2019

High-speed winds can wreck havok, so follow AXA's guide to what to do before, during and after high winds hit to make protecting your home a breeze.

How To Fortify Your Home Against Flood Damage | AXA UK

Tips & guides

31 January 2019

With one in six homes at risk of flooding, it pays to have a prevention plan. Follow AXA's tips to help prevent floods from damaging your home.

Storm-proofing tips for the home

Home safety

31 January 2019

Come hail or high winds, stay calm with AXA's tips on how to keep your home safe when a storm hits.

Homes of the future
What will the home of the future look like?

Tips & guides

17 January 2019

How we live and work is changing. To find out how, we ask what the home of the future might tell us about how we live in five, ten and twenty years’ time.

How eco-friendly are the UK’s homes?

Tips & guides

9 December 2018

In 2008, the UK set an ambitious target of cutting greenhouse gas emissions by 80% by 2050, although recent reports suggest that not enough progress has been made to hit these targets so far.