We all want to protect the things we love. And, with so many different types of homes on the market, you need to understand the risks that yours is subjected to. This will help make sure that you have a home insurance policy in place that suits.

More UK residents are exposed to the risk of flooding than ever before. Fortunately, AXA’s buildings insurance and contents cover provides flood protection as standard. Here’s how we can help to protect you and your home.

What is flood protection?

Flood protection protects your home and contents in the event of various flooding scenarios. At AXA, we define a flood as an invasion of the property by a large volume of water caused by a rapid build-up or sudden release from outside the buildings.

Some of the scenarios where you might need to rely on your policy’s flood protection include:

  • Rapid surface water or groundwater flooding as a result of excessive rainfall or burst pipes – though it’s important to remember that we would not expect policyholders to disclose burst indoor pipes as flood.
  • A river or canal near your home bursting its banks.
  • Seawater flooding your home as a result of stormy weather or high tides.

What am I covered for if a flood should happen/occur?

Suppose your home is flooded, and you need to claim on your home insurance policy, buildings insurance or contents policy. Subject to a valid claim, we will cover you for various costs, depending on whether your home or contents are affected.

Covered under buildings insurance:

  • Debris Removal Architects, surveyors, consulting engineers and legal fees
  • Alternative accommodation (cover limits vary depending on the product)
  • Drying out and restoring the structure of your home, including fixtures and fittings.

Covered under contents insurance:

  • Replacement or repair of damaged furniture and/or personal belongings
  • Drying out and restoring fixtures, fittings and interior decorations that you are legally responsible for as a tenant.
  • Alternative accommodation (cover limits vary depending on the product)

Why do I need flood protection?

Flooding is an increasingly greater risk to UK homeowners. Did you know that the ten wettest years ever recorded in the UK have occurred since 1998? 5.2 million properties in England alone are at risk of flooding. We can help make sure you aren’t footing the bill if you’re one of the unlucky ones.

At AXA, our cover will extend to flood damage, as long as certain criteria are met. So you can be sure that we’ve got your back. If you think your home is at high risk for flooding, you can find more information about your options through the Flood Re initiative currently held between the Government and insurers in the UK.

Flood risk areas

If you’re unsure about the risk levels in your area, there are ways that you can find out if an area is susceptible to flooding. You can contact your local Environment Agency for flood information in EnglandWales and Scotland, or you can call Floodline.

At AXA, we care about your home

Nobody wants their home’s personality to be stripped away by flooding. With our dedicated flood protection, you can be confident that your home is in good hands.