Car insurance policies

The guide to car insurance excess
Car insurance excess explained

Car insurance policies

20 October 2021

Get all the car insurance excess FAQs in our easy excess explainer guide.

Do car modifications affect my insurance?

Car insurance policies

14 October 2021

At AXA, we’d like to explain clearly just how much modifications to your car can end up costing you. They may make your car run more smoothly, but are they worth the investment?

What is motor legal protection?

Car insurance policies

6 October 2021

If you have legal cover on your policy, this will help if you have an accident that’s not your fault. Here’s everything you need to know about motor legal protection.

Male driver giving a ride to a young woman in a blue car
Does having a named driver affect my insurance?

Car insurance policies

16 March 2021

You may be wondering, does having a named driver affect my insurance? What is insurance fronting? Read our guide for information about named drivers, insurance costs, policy coverage and more.

Crashed car on back of rescue truck
Car insurance write-off categories explained

Car insurance policies

2 November 2020

AXA’s guide to car insurance write-off categories explains all you need to know about buying, repairing and insuring a damaged car.

Silver car parked on driveway in front of garage with brown door
SORN: everything you need to know

Car insurance policies

7 August 2020

Find out everything you need to know about SORN including insurance, tax and MOT implications, where to keep your car, how much it costs, plus a list of additional FAQs.

Road trip in the Scottish Highlands
How to avoid invalidating your car insurance

Car insurance policies

7 October 2019

Read our tips on how to avoid accidentally invalidating your car insurance.

Young couple in car
The no-fuss guide to no claims discount

Car insurance policies

13 November 2018

A no claims discount can save safer drivers money on insurance – but how does no claims work? AXA explains the need-to-knows about the no claims discount.