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4 January 2023

As most vehicle’s policies renew automatically, make a note of the date you took out your cover, so you can shop around for the best deal when you’re close to renewal.

Along with getting the best policy for you, staying on top of your car insurance renewal quote and seeing whether your cover is still the best option for you on the road is a must. Your premiums can also change as insurers learn more about how you drive, so find out how to keep these low and the best time to renew your car insurance with AXA. 

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When does my car insurance expire?

Generally your car insurance will be due for renewal a year after you took out your cover with your insurer. You can quickly check your car insurance expiry date and time on your cover certificate or if you’ve got your insurance with us in your online AXA account.

We’ve also made renewals simpler than ever so find out more about how we’re working hard to keep your cover as cost-efficient as possible.

As your car insurance renewal time approaches, your insurer will generally send you a renewal quote, and you can also check the date on your policy schedule and certificate that you received when you took out your car insurance.

Auto renewal car insurance

Anyone that’s had a policy for a few years now may have noticed their car insurance renewed automatically. This is how the majority of policies work so be sure to check the terms and conditions of yours if you’re unsure.

As you may not want to stick with the same insurer for the following year, it’s worth knowing you’re under no obligation to stick with your current provider. When it comes to cancelling auto-renewal car insurance, you simply need to inform your insurer and it will expire at the twelve month point after you took it out.

Remember that you will need a new policy in place as you are required to have motor insurance at all times under UK law.

Compare car insurance quotes

With the number of insurance providers to choose from in the UK, it’s a great idea to compare car insurance quotes before taking out any cover.

Whether you’re considering different types of cover or think you could make savings with car insurance offers like our MultiCar insurance, it’s always worth looking around to find the best car insurance deals for you.

At AXA we offer a wide range of optional extras to make your policy fit you:

Car insurance renewal process

When it comes to how to renew car insurance, you may have a policy with auto-renewal in which case you do not need to do anything if you are satisfied with your existing costs.

If you have compared other policies against your current cover and wish to switch, be sure to do this ahead of your renewal date. If you miss this and still wish to change, your car insurance payments may include cancellation and administration fees.

As part of our car insurance renewal process, cancellation is currently free during your 14 day cooling off period after taking out coverGo to footnote 1.

Tips to lower your car insurance

A few simple tips can help you to reduce the cost of your policy – here are some of the most popular tips to lower car insurance and ensure your premiums are low to get the best value from your cover:

  • In terms of how to reduce car insurance costs, paying annually is almost always cheaper as you avoid the cost of credit.
  • Adding a named driver to your car insurance policy as an additional driver with more experience on the road is another way to give your insurer more peace of mind and can cut costs on your cover – remember that they are not the main policyholder.

No Claims Discount

The longer that you drive without making claims on your insurance, the more cost-efficient your policy will become. This means it pays to drive carefully and become entitled to a no claims discount. To find out more about this part of your cover check out our full guide.

Is it time to renew your car insurance?

Check out our range of policy options and make sure you’re covered today from as little as £319Go to footnote 2 with comprehensive protection from AXA.

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1 Also applies after renewal

2 10% of AXA Comprehensive Car Insurance customers paid this or less between 1 February and 30 April 2024.