What do sports coaches do?

Your clients need guidance, and that’s where you come in. As a sports coach, you could be working with aspiring athletes of all ages and skill levels - from school clubs to local community groups, to people just looking for some extra training.

It’s your job to train and motivate them. Coaches are responsible for planning training programmes for their clients to help them reach their full potential. You help them plan and train for the physical, emotional, and mental challenges that go along with sports, and help them hone their skills.

Why do sports coaches need business insurance?

  • Since your work is largely physical, there is a risk of injury to yourself or your clients
  • You may work with school or local community centres and clubs, where you’ll be surrounded by the public and need to be sure you’re covered for any accidents that might happen
  • Your clients might rely on you for advice regarding exercise plans, which means you’ll need to be covered should anything go wrong
  • If you hire any staff or assistants, you’ll need to ensure they are protected while working for you
  • You may have various equipment you use for training that you want to cover against theft or damage


What covers do I need?

As a sports of coach, the main covers to consider would be:

Public liability insurance

The very nature of your work means you’ll be around people all the time – your clients, other players and coaches, the public. That means you’ll need public liability insurance to protect you if someone gets accidentally injured as a result of your work. AXA’s public liability cover starts at £1 million as standard and ranges up to £5 million. Buy it on its own, or package it together with any of our other covers.

Business equipment insurance

Bats, balls, helmets, knee pads, safety cones or mats – no matter what sport you coach, it needs equipment to go ahead. If you supply the equipment your clients train with, then protecting it is a priority. Our business equipment cover protects from accidental loss, theft or damage of your equipment, so that you can back to business as soon as possible.

Employers’ liability insurance

If you have anyone who works alongside you, perhaps an assistant coach or trainee for example, then you’ll need to get employer’s liability insurance as this is a legal requirement under the Employers’ Liability Act 1969. This cover protects your employees if they fall ill as a result of working for your or get accidentally injured at work.

How much does sports coach insurance cost?

Every policy is different, and so is the cost. Depending on your occupation, the products you choose, how many staff you have and your turnover – amongst other things – your price will be totally unique to your business.

The easiest way to find out your price? Get a quote online. It’s quick, easy, and if you buy online, you’ll get a 10%* discount on your policy.

How can I pay for my policy?

Everyone’s finances are a little different, that’s why we are offer a few different ways to pay for your policy. You can either:

  • Pay for your policy at the point of purchases with a one-off lump sum
  • Pay via monthly instalments by direct debit**

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*This discount is applied automatically and lasts for the lifetime of your policy.

**Please note, to pay monthly you may have to meet specific eligibility criteria.