Business insurance for the self-employed

You’re independent. You work for yourself, and that freedom is something worth having.

But it comes with responsibility – because you’re the one who has to deal with the consequences if someone makes a claim against your company.

With AXA’s business insurance for the self-employed, you don’t need to be worried about covering the costs of legal and compensation fees alone. And, because we know that self-employed businesses come in all different shapes and sizes, we won’t sell you a package full of things that you don’t need.

Choose from the cover below and build the insurance that fits your business.


What insurance do I need if I’m self‑employed?

Professional indemnity insurance

This covers the work you do. If you provide advice or a service that customers pay for, they could sue you or claim compensation if they feel you’ve made a mistake or cost them money.

Expert legal support to defend a claim against your company – plus any compensation you need to pay to settle it – could be very expensive. Professional indemnity insurance will help.

Public liability insurance

Host visitors to your workplace or visit other people on business? Public liability insurance covers you if someone is injured on your property and makes a claim, or if you accidentally damage their property.

If a client falls in your hallway and is injured – you could be found liable for compensation costs. Likewise, if you scratch or spill something on furnishings during a visit – you could face repair bills.

Employers’ liability insurance

If anybody works for you – and that includes full and part-time staff, freelancers or volunteers – you need to have at least £5 million employers' liability cover. It's required by law.

If someone you’re directly responsible for is injured because of working for you, you need to be sure they are properly looked after – and ensure your business is not harmed too. With us, you’ll get £10 million cover as standard.

Optional extras


Business equipment

Use your computers, mobile phone, kitchen or other equipment for your business? They probably won’t be covered by your home contents policy. Get a quote for business insurance online and you’ll also be able to add business equipment cover to your policy.

goods transport

Vehicles and goods in transit

Think about insuring yourself on the move. If you use a van for business use, you’ll need specialist van insurance to be covered for claims. Insure stock and goods that you carry or send via third parties.


Products liability

If a product you’ve supplied causes injury or property damage, you could end up footing compensation and legal defence bills. With products liability cover, you’ll have the peace of mind you’re covered.


Personal accident

Does your business rely on you? Consider how your income would be affected if an injury leaves you unable to work. In this case, your personal accident cover would pay your wage until you recover. Maximum limits apply.

Do you need business insurance when you’re self-employed?

Self-employment is an increasingly popular career move. But it’s important to make sure that your business is protected – no matter where you go.

Don’t be at risk of absorbing compensation costs and legal fees alone. With business insurance, you’d be covered for legal fees – plus any compensation needed to pay in the event of a claim by a customer or an employee.

How much will your self-employed insurance cost?

Because all self-employed people are different, and because you can tailor your cover to suit your needs with AXA, the cost of insurance is different for every business.

However, it’s important to remember that if you buy online, you’ll get a 10% discount.


Do I need public liability insurance if I am self-employed?

If you’re running a business or you are the business, it’s incredibly important to protect it. Whether you’re working for others or working as a contractor yourself, you need to protect what you’re working for.

If you deal a lot with clients, it’s possible that they could be injured by a trip, slip, or some other kind of accident. Or maybe work that you carry out causes injury to a customer, or damage to their property.

As a freelancer, you absorb many of your business costs on your own – would you be able to handle possible costs of compensation payouts and legal fees as a result of a claim? AXA’s quick, cheap, hassle-free public liability insurance will help you manage these costs – plus, it’ll offer both professional credibility to your company and reassurance to your clients.

With public liability insurance, you’ll get:

  • Up to £5 million protection
  • Temporary staff covered for up to 50 days a year, free
  • Access to a 24-hour legal hotline

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