What is multi-property landlord insurance?

When you’re responsible for multiple properties, having several providers and policies to keep track of can prove tiresome. With a multi-property policy, you can manage your insurance cover for up to 10 properties with a single policy.

Multi-property landlord insurance exists for landlords who have more than one property in their portfolio and what to cover them all on the same policy.

There are several benefits to handling your landlord insurance this way – including managing all properties in one place, and only having one renewal and payment date to worry about.

Do I need multiple property insurance?

You’re not legally required to have multi-property insurance. However, landlord insurance is a requirement to get a buy-to-let mortgage with most providers, and if you have multiple properties then a multi-property policy could be for you.

What does landlord insurance for multiple properties cover?

Landlord insurance offers cover for several key protections as standard, such as:

  • Buildings insurance to cover the cost of repairs or rebuilding that may be required due to circumstances such as fire, flooding, or storms
  • Contents cover to cover the cost of replacement or repair for any accidentally damaged fixtures and/or fittings
  • Property owners’ liability cover that protects you against third-party claims of accidental damage or injury
  • Rehousing for your tenants at alternative accommodation if your property can’t be access and/or lived in due to damage or unforeseen circumstances
  • Cables and underground pipe cover for any costs incurred due to damage to pipes or cables – this includes essential utilities e.g., gas, electricity, and water
  • Subsidence, ground heave, and landslips covering land shifts that occur under your property and causes structural damage. Note – some mortgage providers require that this be a part of your landlord insurance

What’s not covered?

Standard wear and tear at your property won’t be covered under your landlord insurance, so it’s important that you keep up to date with routine maintenance and repairs.

If you need to protect your rental income, this isn’t included as standard, though you can add it as an optional extra. If your property becomes uninhabitable for any reason – such as fire, flood, or storm – this extra will provide cover for the rental income your stand to lose if your tenants can’t stay in your property for a time.

Glass replacement is not included as standard with landlord insurance but can be added to your policy as an optional extra. This cover would allow you access to a 24-hour glass replacement service to fix things such as broken windows, doors, or partitions.

Can I add more properties to my cover after taking out insurance?

Yes – you can. Once you've gotten a policy with us you can log in your AXA account and add a new property to your policy.

How much does Landlord Insurance cost for multiple properties?

For a single property, landlords can protect their properties from £174* a year with AXA.

However, when you take out a policy to protect multiple properties with most insurers, including AXA, your price will vary. When you get a quote, you’ll see a total combined price – both annual and monthly - for the number of properties you’re insuring, as well as a breakdown of your cost per property.

So, the price you see when you get a quote will depend on a few variables, such as:

  • How many properties you’re insuring
  • What type of properties these are (e.g., are they houses, flats, or a mixture of both?)
  • Are the properties furnished?
  • Where are the properties located?
  • Do you rent your property to students?

The easiest way to find out how much it will cost to insure multiple properties with AXA is to get a quote online.

Frequently asked questions about insuring multiple properties

Can I cover different property types under one single policy?

Yes, under a single policy you can cover multiple property types up to a limit of ten. So, for example, if you have 6 flats and 4 houses, you can cover all of these together.

How many properties can I cover in total?

You can cover a maximum of 10 properties on one policy.

Policy documents

Make sure you have all the information you need before taking out a landlord insurance policy.

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