Making tax digital
Making Tax Digital: the facts

Digital and innovation

17 December 2019

Looking to learn how the Government's Making Tax Digital system will impact your business? Get up to speed with our guide to the ins and outs of Making Tax Digital.

The value of e-commerce for businesses

Digital and innovation

9 January 2024

Online sales are growing and growing - is it time you embraced e-commerce?

A person holding an iPad and a coffee
Automation for Small Businesses

Digital and innovation

15 June 2022

Automation is not only realistic but also can be beneficial to small businesses.

Achieving Net Zero as a Small Business

Digital and innovation

26 April 2022

Small businesses can play a key part in helping reduce the UK's carbon emissions

Small Businesses and Cyber Security: Advice From The Expert

Digital and innovation

26 October 2021

Cyber security expert Matt Roberts of arcX speaks to AXA about how small businesses can stay secure from online attacks.

Software and tools for small home businesses
Software and tools for small home businesses

Digital and innovation

20 September 2020

With many small businesses going online and working from home for the first time, AXA looks at the business software and tools to help make your job easier.

Get business online
Guide to getting your business online

Back to Business

18 May 2020

Looking to get your business online for the first time? Follow AXA's quick tips.

Small business tech hacks
Small business technology hacks

Digital and innovation

23 July 2019

Make running a business a little simpler with our top six tech hacks.

Research and development for businesses

Digital and innovation

22 August 2018

Research & development could help your small business stand out. Here’s how.

R&D tax credits: the facts

Digital and innovation

21 August 2018

Discover how R&D tax credits could help you innovate your business strategy.

The Guide To GDPR For Small Businesses

Digital and innovation

14 January 2018

The rules around how businesses collect and process customer data is changing in 2018, so here, AXA breaks down GDPR and what it means for you.

accounting errors
An accountant’s worst nightmare revealed

Digital and innovation

8 November 2017

How to avoid an accountant’s biggest fear: the spreadsheet blunder

20 ways the UK high street has changed

Digital and innovation

22 September 2017

From coffee culture to online ordering, the high street has seen big changes...

Using tech to promote your food business

Digital and innovation

14 August 2017

What can small businesses learn from the latest home delivery trends?

Is your SME as green as it could be?

Digital and innovation

14 August 2017

Why building a great business should start with cutting your carbon footprint

What should your social media goals be?

Digital and innovation

20 April 2017

Here are eight example goals you might want to consider for your social strategy

five ways your business can benefit from social media
Five ways your business will benefit from social media

Digital and innovation

13 February 2017

If you haven't embraced social media in your business, what are you waiting for? Take a look at AXA's top ways social is what's best for business.

Get your business on Google
How to Get Your Business on Google

Digital and innovation

17 January 2017

For most small businesses, half the battle is getting seen. To help, here are AXA' s tips on getting your business ranking on Google and Google Maps.

How to digitise your retail business

Digital and innovation

19 December 2016

Going paper-free could save your retail business a lot of money.