Making changes to my policy online

There’s plenty of changes you can make to your car insurance policy online. Find out about some of them.

Sometimes, you want to quickly make changes to your car insurance policy. From updating your vehicle’s mileage to changing your car altogether, there are all manner of changes you may want to make. But no one wants to spend hours on the phone to make these changes. And you don’t have to.

At AXA, we’ve made updating your car insurance policy quick, easy and simple. In fact, there are plenty of changes you can make to your policy without ever having to pick up the phone. There are a range of changes you can make online, in your AXA account.

After all, we know that life moves fast – so why spend time on the phone when you can jump online and make changes in minutes? And the added bonus? When you make these changes online, you avoid the £25 admin fee you’d be charged when making these changes on the phone.

What changes can I make online?

There are plenty of changes you can make to your policy online. These include:

How do I make changes online?

These are just some of the changes you can make through your online account. Want to know more? Choose from the options below to find a step-by-step guide on how to make these changes online.

Vehicle mileage

Driving your car more or less often? Let us know by updating your vehicle’s mileage.

Find out more about updating your vehicle's mileage on your insurance policy

Add a temporary driver

Looking to add someone to your insurance for the short-term? Find out how to add a temporary driver to your policy.

Find out more about adding a temporary driver to your policy

Add a permanent driver

Find out how to add a new permanent driver to your insurance policy by following our step-by-step guide.

Find out more about adding a permanent driver to your policy

Changing car

Getting a new car is always exciting. Find out how to update your policy details quickly and easily online, to get you on the road.

Find out more about changing your car on your insurance policy